Blu Pro Kit Questions & Troubleshooting

Basic Instructions for the blu Pro Kit:

Within the pack of your new blu Pro Kit should be the following items:

  • 1x Pro Battery (950mah)
  • 1x Clearomiser (aka "tank")
  • 1x 10ml E-Liquid bottle – Classic Tobacco 18mg
  • 1x blu Safe Charge USB charging cable

The first thing which needs doing is that you need to fill up your clearomiser with the e-liquid you get free with the pack (note: you can actually use any PG-based e-liquid in the blu Pro Kit - ie any e-liquid sold at The Electric Tobacconist).

Filling the clearomiser:

(Note - the new blu Pro Kit has a 'top fill' clearomizer, whereas the earlier model was a 'bottom fill'). Unscrew the mouthpiece from the rest of the clearomizer. Place the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle against the inside wall of the clearomizer. Squeeze it gently – coating the inside wall with e-liquid. Don’t fill past the triangle in the clear window. Screw the mouthpiece back onto the clearomizer and reattach to the top of the battery.

Priming the clearomiser:

Before you start using your blu Pro Kit, you must 'prime' your clearomiser: without turning your battery on (do not push the button) take a couple of quick short puffs from your Pro Tank and then blow softly into the mouth piece. Doing this will produce no vapour but it will facilitate the soaking of the liquid into the wick.

Turning the device on:

Now all you need to to is turn it on and you're ready to go! Simply press the battery button five times in quick succession. The lights on the button and the battery tip will flash 3 times to show it’s switched on.

Vaping the device:

Put the mouth-end in your mouth, press the battery button and inhale the vapour.


When the blue battery light starts flashing it's time to recharge the device. Simply unscrew the clearomiser (tank), and screw on your safe-charge USB cable onto the battery, plug it into your blu mains adaptor (sold separately) or USB port. (Note: ONLY use the charger supplied with the blu Pro Battery). The battery button and battery end LED will flash 3 times to indicate charging has begun. The button will then stay lit and the bottom LED will go blue.

When fully charged, the button and bottom LEDs will flash about 20 times before turning off.

Charging should take around 3 hours from the mains.

NB: When charging, the USB light will blink red and turn blue when fully charged.

Troubleshooting & FAQs about the blu Pro Kit:

What type of refill can I use to fill up my blu Pro Kit?

You can use any one of our e-liquids range, but you cannot use cartomizers.

I have pressed the button and inhaled, but nothing is happening

Have you remembered to switch it on? It's an easy mistake to make, but easily sorted. Simply press the blu battery button five times to switch it on and away you go. You can also press the button five times to turn it off if you don't want it to activate in your pocket while you're out and about.

I have pressed the button (and as per the above, yes I have definitely switched it on)

Make sure the button remains pressed while you inhale.

I have definitely switched it on, I am keeping the button pressed while drawing on the ecig and still nothing happens

Ok, it's possible some liquid has got into the central pipe of the clearomizer and is blocking the device.

See below...

What do I do if I get liquid down the central pipe of my clearomizer?

The central pipe is the very narrow tube which runs from the bottom of the top of your clearomiser. If you think it's possible you let some e-liquid get into this part of the clearomizer, try the following (it will do no harm if in fact no liquid is down there): Unscrew the clearomizer, place a tissue where the battery was and blow into the mouth piece two or three times. If there was any e-liquid in the centre pipe this should remove most of it. Now screw it back on and try it again.

...and if that doesn't work?

It could be a connection issue between the clearomizer and the battery. Try wiping down the connections on both the battery and your blu Pro Clearomiser with a cloth - sometimes if liquid has got onto these connections it can dry and form an invisible film which may be affecting the battery connection.

My blu Pro Kit was working and has now stopped working, but the battery button still lights up and I have made sure there is a connection between clearomizer and battery as per the previous point.

If the battery is still working, which it sounds like it is, then you may need a new clearomizer (the chamber which holds your e-liquid). These usually last between two to eight weeks.

Click here to buy a new clearomizer for your blu Pro Kit

My blu Pro Kit is starting to taste a bit burnt

You may need a new clearomiser. Click here for more information on clearomizer lifespans and what to do when yours has reached the end of its life.

How long does a blu Pro Kit battery last?

blu Pro batteries generally last around 2-4 months with regular use and can be bought from our blu batteries page.