Caliburn AK3 Troubleshooting

The following article is a troubleshooting guide for the Caliburn AK3 and some other AK devices within the Caliburn series. For the best performance, ensure that your device is fully charged before use:

Quick Tips

  • Remove all protective seals from the pod before use
  • To begin vaping, simply inhale from the mouthpiece
  • If your Caliburn AK3 flashes red 3 times and stops working, this indicates that there is a short-circuit between the coil and battery. At this point, you need to change your pod.
  • If your device is at a low power, the LED will flash red 10 times and stop outputting. You will need to make sure your device is charged before you can continue vaping.
  • If you vape continuously for over 8 seconds, the Caliburn AK3 will cut off and flash green 5 times and stop vaping to prevent overheating.
  • When you disconnect the pod from the device, the LED indicator will flash blue 3 times.
  • The Caliburn AK3 will only work with the Caliburn A3 pods.
  • The device has an automatic power-off function when not in use, which helps prevent the kit from firing accidentally when in your bag or pocket.
  • When your device is on charge, it should display a pulsing red light that turns into a pulsing blue light and eventually turns into a pulsing green light. When the kit is fully charged, the pulsing green light will change to solid green.


My Caliburn AK3 is not charging

It’s important to make sure that you are charging your AK3 with a certified adaptor (5V/2A) and USB-C cable. You can also charge from a laptop/computer USB port as they provide less power than a standard plug socket would, lessening the risk of overheating.

If you are experiencing charging issues, firstly make sure that your cable/power source works and that the charging port on the device is clean. If they do function properly and the USB port is free of debris, then try fuelling your device from a different power source using a different USB-C cable. The LED lights should indicate whether charging takes place - if the lights turn on when the device is placed on charge, yet your kit is still not taking power, it may be that your AK3 is faulty.

My Caliburn AK3 is gurgling/leaking

Gurgling happens when the coil has been oversaturated with e-liquid and starts to flood, causing spitting from the mouthpiece. To prevent this, we advise priming your coil for the recommended length of time (you can find this out in your user manual) and making sure that you aren’t covering the airflow holes when vaping. If your kit is already gurgling, remove the pod from the device, cover the top of the pod with tissue and flick it so that the excess e-liquid exits from the mouthpiece. Another note to avoid gurgling/spitting is to not inhale with too much force!

Leaking can also happen when you have overfilled the pod with e-liquid, if you have covered the air flow holes when vaping, and if you are taking long and deep drags on the device. Thankfully, UWELL incorporates leak-resistant technology and the pods have a top-fill system; therefore, leaking is fairly rare. However, if leaking does happen, we recommend simply replacing your pod with a new one. Make sure not to obstruct the air flow vents and take softer pulls on the kit to prevent leakage.

My Caliburn AK3 is not producing vapour

If your device isn't hitting at all when you try to vape, firstly make sure that your kit is on full charge. If your Caliburn AK3 is at maximum capacity and still isn’t hitting, make sure that the compartment where the pod is inserted is clean. Any condensation, leakage or trapped dust can be wiped away with a dry tissue or cotton ear bud. If this doesn’t change anything, try replacing the pod with a new one.

My Caliburn AK3 has little nicotine hit

If you’re not getting that much of a satisfying throat hit, it might be that you are using the wrong nicotine strength or formulation for your needs. By increasing the nicotine strength and switching to nicotine salts, you can elevate your vaping experience.