Elf Bar Mate 500 Troubleshooting

This article is a troubleshooting guide for the Elf Bar Mate 500 designed to help new users fix potential issues and answer common questions about their new device.

Quick Tips

  • Aim to charge your device before first use
  • Remember to remove all protective seals and silicone covers from your pod and battery before using
  • Mate 500 e-liquid pods must be prepared before you vape. To do so, click the red base until you feel a small click, then leave the pod inside the device for at least 10 minutes before using it
  • Each Elf Bar Mate 500 pod is designed to provide up to 500 puffs
  • Almost all Elf Bar flavours are available as Mate 500 (P1) pods
  • The Elf Bar Mate 500 can also be used with refillable pods (available separately here) allowing you to use your own e-liquids


My Elf Bar Mate 500 isn't activating

Please ensure you have done the following:

  • removed all packaging and rubber covers from your device and pod
  • Fully charged your device
  • primed your pod by clicking the red base and waiting 5-10 minutes
  • fully inserted your pod into the device

The Elf Bar Mate 500 is activated by inhaling on the mouthpiece. It is not activated by pressing a button!

If you're still unable to get your vape working, try installing a new pod; this will help to determine if the issue lies specifically with the pod or the device.

My pod doesn't fit into the Mate 500 device

Your pod should have a snug fit when inserted. If it doesn't you may not have clicked down the red base of the pod - simply click it in and insert the pod, then wait a few minutes before vaping.

My pod has a bad or burnt taste

This vape kit uses disposable pods; this means that while the device itself is designed to be recharged and reused many times, each pod has a set life. Once the pod has expired, it simply needs to be disposed of and replaced. When all of the e-liquid inside has been used, the pods will begin to taste burnt (as there is no liquid left to vapourise!). Avoid vaping at this point as you may experience what is known as a 'dry hit': a harsh hit with an unpleasant taste.

My Mate 500 pod is leaking

Vape pods are prone to very minor leaking, either in transit or when installed. If you detect a small amount of liquid underneath the pod, this can either be caused by a minor leak or by condensation build-up from vaping. Typically, the best course of action is to simply wipe it away with a piece of tissue. If your pod is leaking substantially, this can indicate a fault and means you should replace it entirely.