HEXA Pro Troubleshooting

The HEXA Pro is a sleek pod vape that uses prefilled e-liquid cartridges, making it easy to get started with very little set-up. This help page will assist you with setting up and using your new vape for the first time, as well as remedying any issues you encounter. This guide also applies to all pod systems in the HEXA range, including the HEXA V2.

Quick Tips

  • Aim to fully charge your Hexa Pro before using it for the first time
  • After unpacking your Hexa pods, you need to remove the silicone plug from the top and bottom before use
  • The HEXA Pro is inhale-activated, meaning you only need to inhale on the mouthpiece to vape
  • The HEXA pro has haptic vibrations when you successfully insert a pod or attach the charger, aiding those with visual impairment
  • This device includes a lanyard, allowing you to wear the device around your neck if desired


My HEXA doesn't activate when I inhale

This is typically caused by a connection issue. First, double check your device is charged and ensure that the silicone stoppers on the top and bottom of your Hexa pod are removed. Next, check around the bottom of the pod for any leakage or condensation; liquid of any kind can interfere with the electrical circuit and lead to a short. If you find any moisture, use a tissue to gently wipe it away. If you're still having trouble, try a different pod, which will help you determine if the fault lies with the device or the specific cartridge you were using.

My HEXA isn't charging

The HEXA Pro charges via USB-C. A charging cable is included with every starter kit; USB-C vape charging cables can also be purchased separately. To charge, simply connect the USB (wider) end of the cable to a compatible port (either a computer or mains adaptor) and the smaller end to the bottom of your HEXA device.

If your HEXA isn't charging, try using an alternative cable or a different power source; you can use most USB ports including those found on computers and mains adaptors.

I'm not getting enough vapour from my HEXA

Most vape devices have rechargeable batteries, which lose a little output as they deplete. This means that a vape with little charge left is likely to produce less vapour when you draw. Fortunately, this is an easy fix: simply recharge your device to full using your USB-C charging cable.

If you're still finding your experience isn't as it should be, your HEXA pod may need changing. Remove it from the device and check the e-liquid level within the pod; the cartridge is translucent, so hold it up to a light source if needed. If the pod is running low, it may be time to swap it out for a new one.

My HEXA pod tastes burnt

Each HEXA cartridge is prefilled with e-liquid. Inevitably, the e-liquid will run low as you use your new vape. Once close to running empty, you may notice a drop in taste and vapour quality - at this point, you should change your pod for a fresh one.