Innokin Go S Troubleshooting

The Innokin Go S is a popular vape pen that’s really easy to get to grips with. If you’ve encountered issues with your device, such as reduced draw quality or a flashing power button, we’ve got several quick fixes to help.

First Things First:

Before proceeding, ensure your Go S battery has been fully charged. To do this, connect the device to a power outlet, such as a PC or mains plug, using the USB cable included with your starter kit. You’ll know your device is fully charged when the power button turns green. If your power button light does not illuminate when connected to a power source, this could indicate a fault, which we’ll address shortly.

1. My Innokin Go S doesn’t produce any vapour

If your Go S isn’t hitting at all, in that it produces no sound or vapour, this is typically caused by connectivity issues between the tank and the battery itself. You can identify a connection issue by whether the power button lights up when you press it; if it does but to vapour is produced, the current is not flowing from the battery to the tank successfully.

First, you should turn the device off (5 button presses) and remove the Go S Tank by unscrewing it anti-clockwise. On the base of the tank, you’ll find a circular metal outcropping. Grab a piece of tissue and give the metal part a clean; especially the bottom as this is where the tank connects to the battery.

Next is the battery connection point, which is a hole in the top of the battery if you’re looking at it from above. For this we recommend using a cotton bud as it’s just the right size; if not, use the corner of a piece of tissue paper.

Once all areas are cleaned up, reconnect the tank to the battery and try again.

2. The button on my Innokin Go S flashes when I try to vape

If you try to vape and are stopped by a flashing button, this typically means the short-circuit protection feature has kicked in. The common culprit is wayward e-liquid; if there’s any loose liquid near the connector points on the tank or battery, the device won’t fire until it’s cleaned up. Fortunately, this is an easy fix! Follow the cleaning instructions mentioned above.

3. My Innokin Go S works but doesn’t produce enough vapour

If your Innokin Go S is producing a thinner cloud or feels weaker when you take a draw, you should make sure your battery is fully charged. Although the Go S boasts a constant wattage output, you may notice a slightly weaker draw if your battery level is severely reduced.

Next, check your airflow. Every Go S tank has a ring on the base which adjusts how much air flows through when you take a draw. If the device feels restricted when you inhale, try rotating the ring so that the three small holes are open.

If these suggestions aren’t helping, it may be time to change your tank completely. Go S tanks are disposable, meaning they are designed to be replaced when performance takes a noticeable hit. If you’re looking to stock up on Innokin Go S Tanks, click here.

4. My Innokin Go S tastes burnt when I vape

If your vape starts to taste burnt or unpleasant the coil inside your Go S Tank is likely expiring. Most users can expect around 7-10 days of use from one tank, however, this can vary depending on several factors. Sadly there is no way to recover a burnt coil, so you’ll need to install a new Go S Tank.

Here are a few tips to make your tank last longer:

  • If possible, avoid e-liquids that are very rich or sweet in flavour. Sweeteners are known to reduce coil longevity.
  • Try to use e-liquids with a balanced VG to PG ratio. These two ingredients are found in every liquid, just in different quantities. The Go S works best with 50/50 blends or those with a higher PG content.
  • Keep your e-liquid topped up. When your tank is nearly empty, parts of the internal coil are exposed to the air, which causes it to dry out and burn. Ideally, try to keep your tank at least 33% full at all times.
  • Avoid chain vaping. Taking a few puffs at once isn’t an issue, however, try to leave a few seconds afterwards to allow the coil to saturate again.

5. My Innokin Go S isn’t charging

When connected to a power source via the USB cable, the activation button on your Go S should illuminate. If it doesn’t, this indicates a problem with your power source, cable, or perhaps the battery itself. You should try connecting to a different PC or mains plug or try using a different USB cable - particularly if yours is twisted or frayed.

If this doesn’t fix your problem, there may be a fault with the battery itself. Try contacting your retailer for details on your product warranty, as you may be eligible for a replacement. If you purchased your device from The Electric Tobacconist, click here to contact our support team.