IVG Bar Plus+ Troubleshooting Guide

The IVG Bar Plus is a disposable vape device, which means it has a set lifespan and is thrown away once expired. Devices of this kind are best suited to ex-smokers who are brand new to vaping and need a simple and effective alternative that requires no maintenance or set-up.

Quick tips

  • Simply remove all packaging and seals to prepare for use
  • IVG Bars are draw-activated: inhale from the mouthpiece to vape
  • IVG Bars have a large enough battery to provide up to 800 puffs, though your mileage may vary based on draw-length
  • Try to store your IVG Bar Plus upright while not in use


My IVG Bar isn't activating

If you've never vaped before, make sure you're doing it correctly! These devices activate by inhaling, which means they have a sensor which detects airflow via the mouthpiece. Use your lips to create a seal around the duck-bill-shaped mouthpiece and gently breathe in; you should feel and taste the vapour instantly.

Otherwise, ensure your IVG Bar Plus Disposable has had all silicone seals/plugs removed. These cover the mouthpiece and the base.; if either is present, no air will flow through!

My IVG Bar is spitting or gurgling when I vape

While this issue is rare with disposable vapes in particular, it's also simple to fix. Place a piece of tissue over the mouthpiece and hold it in place with your index or middle finger. Next, gently 'flick' the device with the mouthpiece facing away from you. This will remove any liquid in the airflow chamber.