Joyetech WideWick Troubleshooting

The following article is a troubleshooting guide for the Joyetech WideWick. Remember to make sure that your device is fully charged before first use:

Quick Tips

  • Remove all protective seals and covers from the pod and/or battery.
  • The Joyetech WideWick kit utilises draw-activation; therefore, simply inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping
  • The LED lights glow when the WideWick is in use and when it is being charged; however, there are no colour indicators that show when the battery is about to run out or when there is a problem with the device, for example
  • This kit is only compatible with WideWick pods
  • The device has an automatic power-off function when not in use, which helps prevent the kit from firing accidentally when in your bag or pocket.


My Joyetech WideWick is not charging

Firstly, make sure that your charging cable actually works and that you are using a compatible adaptor and power source. It is best to charge this from a laptop or computer USB port as this provides less power than a standard plug socket, eliminating the risk of overheating. If your cable is functioning properly and your device is still not taking any charge, try using a different cable and power source.

My Joyetech WideWick has a burnt taste

This device uses disposable, and therefore replaceable pods, called WideWick Pods. This means that pods have a lifespan, and are designed to be replaced occasionally; for instance when there is a drop in flavour quality.

A burnt taste usually indicates that the coil (which is the main component of each pod) is beginning to expire. You can also experience a burnt taste if the pod is running low on e-liquid, indicating you should refill it immediately. If the pod runs dry and you experience a severe burnt taste, the coil cannot be recovered and the pod must simply be switched out for a new one.

My Joyetech Widewick is leaking or gurgling

Gurgling happens when the coil has been oversaturated with e-liquid, causing excess e-liquid to spit from the mouthpiece. This is caused if you take long and hard pulls, if the tank has been overfilled or if the air flow holes are obstructed when vaping. To prevent this: make sure that you are filling up your pod only ¾ of the way; you are taking softer and shorter drags; and the air flow vents are clear when vaping.

If your pod is already gurgling, you can simply remove the pod from the device, cover the bottom of the pod with tissue and blow through the mouthpiece to force the excess e-liquid out from the pod’s air vents. Another method would be to cover the top of the pod with tissue, and flick it upside down to force the e-liquid out from the mouthpiece.

The above factors can also lead to leaking too. If your pod starts to leak, we recommend replacing it for a new one, ensuring that you are following the preventative measures highlighted above. Some condensation (from the vapour the device produces) can build up over time, this isn't a leak and is normal. Simply wipe any condensation build-up with a tissue!

My Joyetech WideWick is not producing any vapour

If you have made sure that your Joyetech WideWick is fully charged and there is still no vapour being produced, remove the pod and clear out any possible condensation or build-up from the pod/battery compartment. If the device still isn’t hitting after doing this, try replacing the pod with a new one.

My Joyetech WideWick has little nicotine hit

You might be using too low of a nicotine strength and the wrong e-liquid formulation for your needs. For those who have recently switched to vaping from smoking, we recommend opting for a high-strength (15mg+) e-liquid. There are also alternative nicotine blends available; nicotine salt e-liquids are absorbed into the body faster, providing a more noticeable hit. Hybrid nicotine blends combine both standard and salt formulas for a balance between throat hit and smoothness.