Lost Mary BM600 Troubleshooting Guide

The following guide is an informative troubleshooting article for the Lost Mary BM600. This device is a disposable vape; therefore, it lasts for a set amount of time and should be thrown away once depleted. The BM600 by Lost Mary is especially good for ex-smokers looking for something easy to use whilst still acquainting themselves with the basics of vaping.

Quick Tips

  • Take off all protective seals and packaging before use.
  • Inhale from the mouthpiece to begin vaping - the Lost Mary BM600 is inhale-activated.
  • This device has a powerful enough battery to generate 600 puffs; however, this relies on the length of your draw.
  • Try to store your Lost Mary BM600 upright whilst not in use.


My Lost Mary BM600 is not hitting

Although rare, if your disposable vape is not producing any vapour, this could be because you may have forgotten to remove the silicone plug from the mouthpiece and the seal on the base of the device that covers the airflow hole. With these still on, no air will flow through the Lost Mary BM600.

If these have been removed, you may likely be drawing too lightly on the device. As the Lost Mary BM600 is draw-activated, it contains a sensor that detects inhalation via the mouthpiece. Create a seal with your lips around the mouthpiece and breathe in firmly and consistently. You should then be able to feel the vapour being produced.

My Lost Mary BM600 is gurgling/spitting when I vape

This is a relatively uncommon dilemma with disposable vapes; however, rest assured that it has an easy fix should you come across this. Cover the mouthpiece with a tissue and flick the device upside down to clear the internal coil of any excess e-liquid - this should resolve the issue! To prevent spitting or gurgling from reoccurring, ensure you are not taking excessively heavy drags on your Lost Mary BM600.