OK Vape Pod Kit Troubleshooting

The following article is a troubleshooting post for the OK Vape Pod Starter Kit, intended to help guide you if any problems with your device arise. Please remember to make sure your kit is fully charged before first use.

Quick Tips

  • Take off all silicone covers surrounding your OK Vape pods before you begin vaping
  • OK Vape pod kit utilises a draw-activation system; therefore, to start your vaping, simply inhale from the mouthpiece
  • The LED indicator on the device will pulse white whilst charging and will eventually go out once the kit is fully powered
  • OK Vape pods come prefilled with e-liquid. You should not attempt to refill these as they can leak and damage your device if tampered with
  • Your device will display a white LED light when in use
  • The device has an automatic power-off function when not in use, which helps prevent the kit from firing accidentally in your bag/pocket


My OK Vape Pod Kit is not charging

If your device is not charging, please first ensure that the cable and power source are both functioning correctly - try plugging them into a different device, for example. If your hardware isn't the problem, try cleaning the charging port to ensure there is no e-liquid or debris built-up - you can do this with a dry tissue or cotton bud. If your device is still not charging, try using a different cable and power source and this should fix the problem.

The OK Vape Pod Starter Kit is only compatible with power outputs that are no more than 1A/5V. Avoid using USB ports where the power output is unspecified, or is stated to be over this threshold!

My OK Vape Pod Kit is leaking

Condensation build-up is fairly common in all vape devices and can be wiped away quickly with a dry tissue. Excessive leaking is rare; if you find your pod leaks, replace it with a new pod, ensuring that the pod and battery compartment are both clean and wiped dry before doing so.

My OK Vape Pod Kit is gurgling or spitting

Gurgling is very unlikely as OK Vape pods have been crafted to contain the perfect amount of e-liquid, the structure of the pod is air-tight and sturdy and the built-in coil is well-saturated with e-liquid. However, if you find your OK Vape pod gurgling, you can cover the mouthpiece with a piece of tissue and gently 'flick' the device away from you, which will dislodge any e-liquid caught in the airway.

Otherwise, your pod may simply be running low on e-liquid, in which case replacing the pod with a new one should fix draw issues.

My OK Vape Pod Kit doesn't produce any vapour

If your OK Vape doesn’t produce any vapour, it might be worth checking the battery and pod compartment and wiping dry any condensation build-up. If your kit still isn’t hitting after doing this, replace the pod with a new one and try again.

My OK Vape Pod Kit has little nicotine hit

A low nicotine hit usually means that you need to up your nicotine strength. Luckily, all OK Vape pods are made with a nicotine salt formula, which creates a fast-acting rush; therefore, increasing the nicotine strength can help you achieve your desired hit. OK Vape pods are available in 12mg (medium strength) and 18mg (high strength).