Riot Bar Disposable Troubleshooting Guide

This article is a troubleshooting guide for the Riot Bar. This device is a disposable vape, which means it is designed for single use and has to be disposed of once it has reached the end of its lifespan. These vape device types are best suited to ex-smokers still familiarising themselves with vaping and need a simple alternative that requires little-to-no maintenance or setup.

Quick Tips

  • Remove all packaging and protective seals from the device before use.
  • To start vaping, simply inhale from the mouthpiece - Riot Bars are draw-activated.
  • Riot Bars have enough battery capacity to provide 600 puffs, although this depends on your draw length.
  • Try to keep your Riot Bar upright when not in use.


My Riot Bar isn’t producing any vapour/activating

Firstly, please ensure that all packaging and protective seals have been removed from the device. Oftentimes, disposable vapes come with silicone plugs inserted into the mouthpiece and sticker seals covering the airflow holes on the base. This halts vapour production completely, and the device will not function without these being removed!

If you have completed the above, you may want to check that you are vaping properly. Like other disposable vapes, the Riot Bar is inhale-activated; therefore, it has a sensor that can detect airflow. Use your lips to form a seal around the mouthpiece and gently breathe in - you should then instantly feel and taste the vapour and flavour being generated. If none of these solutions work, you may want to replace your Riot Bar entirely.

My Riot Bar is spitting when I vape

This issue is quite uncommon with disposable vapes; however, if you experience this with your Riot Bar, rest assured that the fix is as easy as ever. Place a tissue over the mouthpiece and gently flick the device upside down - this should remove any excess e-liquid trapped in the internal coil.