Uwell Caliburn Troubleshooting FAQ

Having trouble with your Uwell Caliburn? Here are the most common problems and questions about the Uwell Caliburn with simple, straightforward solutions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I replace my Caliburn pod?

Caliburn pods tend to last between 1-2 weeks, though this depends on use. The most common sign that your pod needs changing is a slightly burnt taste. The Caliburn provides great flavour which can mask this quite well but when the flavour is noticeably less pleasant, you should replace the pod.

Other signs that your pod may need changing include:

  • Difficulty inhaling; this can be a sign that the internal coil is over-saturated
  • E-liquid browning; if the liquid in your pod has a dark layer, this can mean your coil is partially burnt and may need replacing soon.

When should I refill my Caliburn pod?

Uwell recommend refilling the pod when your e-liquid level falls below the ‘MIN’ line, marked on the front of the pod. You can continue to use your device below this level, but you are more likely to experience dry hits or shorten the life of your coil.

How long does the battery last on the Uwell Caliburn?

The Caliburn has a 520mAh internal battery. Most users find this lasts a full day before needing to be recharged. If you’re a particularly heavy user, you may need to recharge more often. The Caliburn can be fully recharged from empty to full in around one hour.

What e-liquid should I use in the Uwell Caliburn?

The Caliburn works best with e-liquids that have a VG ratio of between 50% and 70%. Both nicotine salt e-liquids and standard (freebase) nicotine will work just fine. High VG options can be used, but the coil life may be affected.

UWELL Caliburn Troubleshooting:

1. Uwell Caliburn leaking:

The Caliburn is built to be leak-resistant; leaks tend to be caused by drawing too hard or from using an unsuitable e-liquid. The device offers a medium-tight draw, which means you shouldn’t inhale too hard on the mouthpiece; this can cause e-liquid to flood into the mouthpiece of air holes.

Similarly, if your e-liquid has a very high PG ratio it can cause it to leak out of the bottom of the pod. PG e-liquid has a low viscosity, meaning it’s very thin. The Caliburn is best suited to 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids, or those with a slightly higher VG ratio.

Take care not to leave your pods in direct sunlight or in very warm areas as this can induce leaking.

2. Can’t get the black cap off of Caliburn pod:

The black cap on every pod needs to be removed before you top up. The cap can be tight on a brand new pod, causing it to be tricky to remove on first use. It’s best to use your fingernails to grip the base of the cap, lifting upwards and outwards at the same time. The cap is much easier to remove once a small gap has been created between the cap and pod.

3. Caliburn isn’t producing enough vapour:

The Uwell Caliburn doesn’t have a fixed output. This means that the output depends on the current battery level. When the LED is green, the battery level is over 60%, so the device will offer a full 11W of power. A blue LED represents 30-60%, and a red LED shows less than 30%. The power output, and the vapour produced, will gradually decrease as battery life depletes. Give your Caliburn a charge for optimal vapour production.

4. Caliburn isn’t producing any vapour:

There are several reasons why your Caliburn may not be producing any vapour.

If the LED light is illuminated when you draw but no vapour is produced, this suggests a connectivity issue. First, you should turn off your device (5 button clicks) and remove the pod. At the bottom of the slot where the pod was, check for e-liquid; if there is liquid or residue this can interfere with the connection between the pod and gold connectors. Use a piece of tissue or a cotton wool swab to absorb any liquid then try vaping again.

If the LED light does not illuminate when you draw, try using the alternative activation mode (either by inhaling or pressing the button). It’s also worth ensuring your device is fully charged, and trying a brand new pod to see if this fixes the problem. If the issue persists when trying a new pod, your device may be faulty. If you purchased your device from Electric Tobacconist UK, our friendly customer service team will be happy to advise you on the best course of action. Click here to get in touch.

5. Caliburn has spit back

Spitback is typically caused by overfilling. Uwell recommend that you fill up to the upper line illustrated on the exterior of the pod. Your coil may also be logged with e-liquid; to prevent this, ensure you aren’t inhaling too hard on the mouthpiece when vaping.

6. Caliburn isn't charging

If your vape kit isn't charging it's worth checking that the charging port on the bottom of the device has no material inside that could block the connection. Always ensure you are charging your device with the USB cable included with each kit. Other USB cables, including those that look compatible, should not be used as the electrical current may not be suitable for the Caliburn.

7. Caliburn is auto-firing

The Caliburn is both button and draw-activated. Auto-firing is typically caused by a fault in the draw-activation mode, whereby the sensor that detects airflow is overactive or triggered incorrectly. The most common causes are liquid or pressure build-up.

If you find your Caliburn auto-firing, the first you'll need to do is remove the pod. From here, thoroughly clean the base of the pod and slot on the device. Use a tissue and a cotton bud to soak up as much residue as possible. After this, leave your Caliburn to sit for an hour or so (without the pod inserted).

If your Caliburn still auto-fires after this process, you'll need to contact the retailer who sold the device and explain your product is faulty.

Auto firing has also been reported for users who have consistently used the draw-activation feature with the intake holes covered. These small holes can be found on each side of the device, just below the viewing window. Always ensure these holes are not obstructed when vaping!

8. Caliburn blinking red

If your Caliburn cuts out halfway through a draw and the LED light flashes 3 times, this means the short-circuit protection feature has kicked in. In this event, you should remove the pod, remove any e-liquid or residue in the base of the pod-slot, and then re-insert.

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