Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini Troubleshooting

The following is a troubleshooting article for all devices included in the Vaporesso XROS series. This guide will focus on the XROS 3 Mini but tips and advice apply to all devices in the XROS 3 line. For the best performance, your kit should always be fully charged before use.

Quick Tips

  • Remember to remove all protective covers from the pod/battery before use
  • Make sure you prime your pod for 5-10 minutes with e-liquid before first use, as this will saturate your coil effectively
  • To begin vaping, simply inhale from the mouthpiece
  • If your XROS 3 Mini flashes red 5 times and stops working, this indicates that your pod has too much of a low/high resistance, the device has overheated and needs to cool down first, or there is a short-circuit between the coil and battery. At this point, you either need to change your pod or wait for the device to cool down (depending on what issue your XROS 3 Mini is experiencing).
  • The XROS 3 Mini will only work with the XROS Pods series.
  • The device has an automatic power-off function when not in use, which helps prevent the kit from firing accidentally when in your bag or pocket.
  • When your kit is on charge, it should display a pulsing red light until it reaches full charge, at which point it will show a solid green light and eventually switch off.


My XROS isn't charging

The best way to charge your XROS 3 Mini is from a computer, as it is designed to receive power from a device that conforms to standard USB power specifications. It’s also best to use the cable that comes with the kit - if you were to use your mobile phone or tablet charger, this could provide too much power and overheat your kit, as they are usually designed for fast-charging. If your kit isn’t charging, we recommend trying a different cable that uses standard USB power specifications or trying a different power source.

My XROS is leaking/spitting

Gurgling tends to happen when the coil has been oversaturated with e-liquid and starts to flood, causing spitting from the mouthpiece. To prevent gurgling from happening, we recommend priming your coil for the recommended length of time and making sure that you aren’t covering the airflow holes when vaping. If your kit is already gurgling, the way to fix this is by removing the pod from the device, covering the bottom of the pod with tissue and blowing through the mouthpiece until all the excess e-liquid has made its way out of the air vents.

Leaking can also happen when you have overfilled the pod with e-liquid and if you have covered the air flow holes when vaping. Thankfully, Vaporesso utilises SSS leak-resistant technology and the pods have a top-fill system; therefore, leaking is not as common. However, when leaking does happen, we recommend simply replacing your pod with a new one.

My XROS isn't producing any vapour

If no vapour is produced when trying to vape, firstly make sure that your kit is fully charged. If your XROS 3 Mini is fully charged and still doesn’t produce any vapour, ensure that the compartment where the pod is inserted is dry and clean. Any condensation, leakage or trapped debris/dust can be wiped away with a dry tissue or cotton ear bud. If this doesn’t change anything, try replacing the pod for a new one.

My XROS gives a weak nicotine hit

If you’re not getting that big of a throat hit, it might be that you are using the wrong nicotine strength or e-liquid formulation for you. By increasing the nicotine strength and switching to nicotine salts, you can achieve a faster-acting rush, allowing you to enjoy your vaping experience much more.