VIP Vape

VIP Vape are a British vaping brand based in Manchester, producing quality e-cigarettes, e-liquids and accessories. Shop the range below:

VIP Vape Background:

VIP cigarettes are a British brand of electronic cigarettes based in Radcliffe, Manchester. VIP is a registered trademark of Musthave Ltd. VIP originally stood for "Vape in Public" but the name has now been exclusively abbreviated to "VIP". In 2014 VIP changed ownership and was brought under the Victory Electronic Cigarette Group (now known as Electronic Cigarettes International Group)

VIP Vape cite their aim as to offer an alternative to smoking "without the nasty side effects". The Electric Tobacconist recommends VIP vapour as it is the result of extensive research into the taste and feel of the brand, from using existing smokers to guide them on how to produce the best e-liquids on the UK market, with a particular focus on ex-smokers who very recently moved to e-cigarettes.

Reasons to Buy a VIP E-Cigarette:

The ingenious VIP vapour electronic cigarettes offer some of the most realistic smoking option currently available in the UK.

If you choose to buy VIP e-cigarettes, having decided they are the brand for you, then you can also buy compatible e-cigarette refills from this brand name, which offer a higher volume of vapour and a particularly smooth taste.

VIP E-Cigarette Range available:

You can buy VIP E-cigarettes in the following varieties:

VIP Vape have had electronic cigarettes on sale for over four years. The most popular refill flavours available from VIP e-cigarettes are USA tobacco flavoured e-cigarettes, double menthol flavoured e-cigarettes, Virginia rolling flavoured e-cigarettes or BH gold flavour, all of which are flavours and tastes popular with regular smokers. These are now replicated within the electronic cigarettes market, for a similar taste experience but working out at a fraction of the cost than regular cigarettes.

VIP have also now introduced nicotine free electronic cigarette refills, which are compatible with the VIP e-cigarette starter kits. If you want to reduce your nicotine intake, purchasing zero nicotine refill cartomizers to go with your e-cigarette starter kit is the perfect option and an easier way to cut down.

The Electric Tobacconist is an official VIP e cigarette stockist. After taking a look at the range on offer from brand VIP Vape at the Electric Tobacconist vape shop, why not browse other popular brands too? We have a fantastic variety available, including the popular blu and KiK. Try different brands so you can find the taste that is right for you.