Vuse ePod 2 Troubleshooting Guide

This article is a troubleshooting guide for the Vuse ePod 2 device - a closed pod system that uses salt nic pods for a hassle-free, convenient and satisfying experience. Please remember to fully charge your kit before first use to achieve the best performance.

Quick Tips

  • This device uses Vuse ePod cartridges only
  • Remove all silicone covers from your ePod cartridge before inserting it into your device
  • Thanks to draw-activation, simply inhale from the mouthpiece to activate your ePod kit
  • Your device will display a white LED light when in use
  • When your ePod flashes a white LED 10 times, this means that you need to charge your kit
  • While charging, your device will show a pulsing white light, which eventually turns to a solid white light when it has reached full power
  • The Vuse ePod has an overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit protection feature
  • If the device short circuits, the LED light will flash white and the vapour production will cease
  • If you are vaping the kit for longer than 5 seconds, the LED will flash 3 times and cut off your draw as an accidental activation safeguard.
  • Vuse ePod cartridges come prefilled with e-liquid. You should not attempt to refill these as they can leak and cause damage to your device.


My ePod 2 is leaking

Leaking is very rare as the cartridges are prefilled with e-liquid, making the structure of the pod extremely air-tight and sturdy. However, if you find that leaking happens, simply replace your pod with a new one to fix the issue instantly. Make sure to clear up any built-up e-liquid in the battery compartment before switching to a new cartridge.

My ePod 2 is spitting/gurgling

Your pods may be gurgling because the ePod is running low on battery; meaning there may not be enough power to efficiently heat the e-liquid in your pod when vaping. Try fully charging your kit first and see if this fixes the problem. If your pod is still not performing well, try replacing it with a new one.

My Vuse ePod 2 has a bad or burnt taste

Although this may feel like an issue, deterioration of taste is normal with any vape device that uses e-liquid cartridges like the ePod 2. If you're noticing a burning taste, thinner vapour or less of a hit, your pod is most likely running low on e-liquid and should be replaced.

Vuse ePod cartridges are see-through, making it easy to check how much liquid is left in the pod. Simply click the pod out of the device to check this. If the pod is running low, swap it out for a brand-new one.

Another possible culprit for a burning taste is the way in which you store or carry the device. Try to keep your ePod 2 upright while you're not using it, as this will prevent the liquid inside the cartridge from gathering at one end or side. here's a small tube-like structure within the pod - if the liquid strays from this, the coil inside can dry out and cause an unpleasant taste. This is only an issue when your pod is close to running out; a full pod will not dry out in the same way.

My Vuse ePod 2 is not charging

Firstly, check if the charging cable and power source are working and that the charging port/pod compartment on the device is not blocked by dirt or lint. If the accessories are working and the port/compartment is clean and your kit is still not charging, you should try using a different power source.

My ePod 2 isn't producing any vapour

Usually, your device will stop firing if there is an obstruction between the cartridge and battery, causing an inconsistent connection. If the LED indicator lights up when trying to vape but no vapour is produced, try removing your cartridge and cleaning the pod and battery compartment to ensure there is no leftover e-liquid or debris build-up - this should resolve the issue!

If you're still having issues, double-check that your battery is fully charged. Finally, it might be worth replacing your e-liquid pod completely, as, very occasionally, the issue may lie there.

My Vuse ePod 2 has little nicotine hit

You may have underestimated the nicotine strength you need for your tastes and preferences; therefore, if you aren’t getting a satisfying hit, it’s recommended that you increase the strength of your ePod cartridges.

Many ePod cartridges come in several nicotine strengths, ranging from 3mg/ml to 18mg/ml. Generally, those who have recently switched to vaping with the ePod from cigarettes should opt for one of the higher strength options (either 12mg/ml or 18mg/ml).

ePod 2 pods are formulated with nicotine salts, which are shown to improve the speed of nicotine delivery to the body, making the ePod 2 a great choice for a beginner!