Vuse ePen Instructions/Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting article applies to all ePen models by VYPE (now known as VUSE), including the Vype ePen 3, Vype ePen and Vuse ePen. For optimal performance, your ePen should be always fully charged before first use.

Quick tips:

  • Be sure to remove the silicone cover on your ePen pod before clicking it into the device.
  • To switch on your ePen, click the activation button three times in quick succession.
  • To begin vaping, press the activation button and hold it down whilst inhaling.
  • If your ePen flashes 5 times while you’re inhaling, this indicates that the pod is running low on e-liquid. At this point you should change your pod.
  • Each Vuse ePen pod should last a full day with moderate use. Pods come in packs of two. If you're looking for pods, we have the full range available!
  • Vuse/Vype ePen will only work with Vuse ePen pods or VUSE Pro pods. No other type of refill will work.
  • When not in use, or when putting your ePen in your pocket or bag, it can be locked by clicking the activation button three times in quick succession. The device will lock itself after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • When charging, a pulsing red light shows the ePen is charging but has less than 10% battery. Keep the device plugged in and the light will change to solid red, showing you’re between 10% and 75% charged.
  • When charging, a solid green light shows you’re near full charge (over 75%). Once fully charged, your ePen LED light will switch off.

Vuse ePen Troubleshooting:

Is your ePen not working as expected? We recognise that even the most robust, best-designed vape kits sometimes have their faults and that’s the case with the Vuse range as well as many others. Here we’re looking at some of the key reasons you may find your device is not working and what you can do to fix the problem.

1. Low Nicotine Hit

Many traditional cigarette smokers may believe their ePen faulty because of the level of nicotine they get per hit. Traditional cigarettes offer a more rapid, higher capacity nicotine hit than e-cigarettes which can make your initial vaping experience seem less satisfactory. This can easily be fixed though, by upping the nicotine strength of the Vuse ePen pods you’re using. All pods are available up to 18mg, which is ideal for someone transitioning over from cigarettes. You can also try using nic salt pods, which are made with nicotine salts for greater satisfaction and a faster, more noticeable rush; just look for the 'Nic Salts' badge on the front of the pack.

2. Mild Throat Hit

If the throat hit from your Vuse ePen is not strong enough then it could, again be that you’re not using the right nicotine strength e-liquid for your needs. Try going up a level (for instance, if you’re using 6mg opt for a 12mg instead). Standard ePen Pods will offer a stronger throat hit than the nic salt pods, which are designed to feel smoother. If your ePen isn’t producing much vapour, try recharging it - the output will decrease when battery life depletes.

3. Gurgling

Your kit may be gurgling because there is not enough power to heat the liquid in your refill caps. Try fully charging the battery and the problem should go away.

4. Vuse ePen Battery Failure

When Vuse ePen troubleshooting, it is often the battery which is the issue. The battery is integrated and should work seamlessly, but if you are having issues it’s worth double checking that the device is fully switched on before getting in touch with customer services. You may find your Vuse ePen isn't firing because the connection between your device and pod is obstructed. If the LED light illuminates but no vapour/sound is produced, try removing your pod and cleaning inside the slot. Removing any condensation, liquid or dirt should fix the issue!

5. Vuse ePen Leaking

The Vuse ePen uses refill pods and as such, it shouldn’t be possible to leak. If you do find it is leaking, then it's worth swapping pods and seeing whether it was an issue with the individual cap you were using. Switching caps should be enough to clear up any leaking problems instantly. Be sure to soak up any liquid that’s leaked onto or into the device.

6. Vuse ePen Not Charging

Not charging could be the reason your Vuse ePen is not working. If you have established no clear problems with the battery, then check you are using the right charging cable. The Vuse ePen kit is delivered with its own Micro USB charging cable and should only be charged via this cable and your computer. Any other charging cables should not be used, even if they appear compatible with the device.

7. Vuse Epen switched itself off

Your Vuse ePen will switch itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The device also has an 8 second cut off - this means if you hold down the activation button for more than 8 seconds, the device will switch itself off. This is a safety feature to prevent accidental activation.