Which E-cigarette brand should I choose?

E-Cigarette Brands of the UK and Beyond:

Looking for the best electronic cigarette brand available in the UK in 2022? Where do these brands come from? How many e cigarette companies are there? Which is the safest e-cig brand? Well, in the interests of remaining impartial, the Electric Tobacconist has assembled a comprehensive list (which is ever-growing) of e-cigarette brands on sale in the UK (and in some cases, soon-to-be-available).

Which e-cigarette is best for me?

Every e-cigarette brand offers something slightly different, so it depends on what is motivating you to try the electronic cigarette. If it's purely health-related, then you can't go far wrong in that, compared to traditional cigarettes, they are considerably safer (eg they contain no tar and no toxins).

If your motivating factor is the look and overall branding (most would deny it, but it's true!), then the best e-cigarette for you to choose is the one which has the packet which best suits the style you're looking for (there are some very slick designs out there these days). You might simply want a specific LED colour on the end of your e-cigarette, non-red if you want to vape in public, red if you don't want to stand out - so this is an extra consideration for you.

What differences should I look out for when I try different e-cigarette brands for the first time?

Different e-cigarette brands have subtle differences, so look out for the following:

Size of battery: in other words, size of the device. Bigger usually means it will last longer (since the battery will have more power), but do you want bigger? Make sure you check on the size of the e-cigarette you are buying.

Amount of vapour: This is a big consideration for many. Is there enough 'smoke' being emitted from your electronic cigarette?

Taste: Much like tasting wine for the first time, taste variations will not always be immediately apparent, but the more brands you try, the more you will realise that there are very noticeable variations in the taste you get from your different vaping devices. On a related note, this is possibly why menthol e-cigarettes have a greater demand than they have in the tobacco industry, because the menthol taste is better able to mask the difference between tobacco and vapour.

Which is the best e-cigarette brand in the UK, just tell me!

That is a very tough question to answer, but consider this: At the Electric Tobacconist we get sent e-cigarette samples from new brands nearly every day. We only choose those brands we feel fit a certain criteria: those which we believe will give the consumer a great vaping experience. Look no further than the brands on sale at the Electric Tobacconist!