Drop E-Liquid

Drop E-Liquids give you all the flavour with none of the fuss. Explore the extensive Bar Drop and Fruit Drop ranges here!

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About Drop E-Liquid

The Drop E-Liquid vape brand was established in early 2021, with a simple message: "No fuss. Just Flavour." The brand's whole image and direction is based around this simple goal, and it's reflected in every aspect of the Drop E-Liquid range! From the straightforward design to the punch-packing flavours found in every bottle, Drop E-Liquids provide a smooth and vivid vape while taking the guesswork out of buying new e-liquids. Every flavour tastes exactly as it says on the bottle!

Drop E-liquid Ranges

Drop E-liquid have several unique ranges, catering to different vapers and their respective kits. The ranges available now at Electric Tobacconist are:

Fruit Drop

A celebrated range of e-liquids suited to mouth-to-lung vaping. The Fruit Drop collection shines the spotlight on nature's bounty: fruit! Featuring unique and novel flavour combinations, this nicotine salt-blended vape juice collection is perfect for fruit fans and those who enjoy sweeter vapes.

Bar Drop

A vivid e-liquid range designed to replicate the intense and vibrant flavours found in popular disposable vape ranges-- at a fraction of the cost! A collection of flavour profiles are on offer, ranging from iced beverages to vivacious citrus blends, making it easier (and more affordable) than ever to enjoy your favourite tastes in the form of bar e-liquids.

Drop E-Liquids at Electric Tobacconist UK

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