Innokin Klypse Zip Pods

Klypse Zip prefilled pods are e-liquid cartridges for the Innokin Klypse and Klypse Zip. Each pack contains two Klypse Zip pods, each filled with 2ml of flavoured e-liquid; Refillable Klypse Pods are also available. Explore the range of flavour options below:

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About Innokin Klypse Prefilled Pods

Klypse Zip pods are prefilled e-liquid vape pods. These pods contain everything needed to vape, in what is known as a 'closed system' setup; meaning they simply need to be inserted into a Klypse device to be used.

The Innokin Klypse range gives users the freedom to choose, as Refillable Klypse Pods are also available if you'd prefer to use your own e-liquid.

Klypse Prefilled Pods Flavours

There are currently over a dozen flavour options in the Klypse prefilled pod range. Most feature fruit bases, such as blueberry or tropical notes, often topped by menthol and mint overtones.