KiK Vape Range

KiK Vape are one of the best-known British e-cigarette brands producing vape kits, e-cigarette accessories and pharmaceutical grade e-liquids. Their starter kits are a great entry point for new vapers! Shop the range below:

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About KiK Vape:

KiK Vape is an e-cigarette company based out of Manchester, UK. It was founded in 2013 by businessman Sandy Chadha. The company is owned by Supreme Imports, a well-known electrical and batteries wholesaler. As of 2015, its popularity soared to the extent that it surpassed the likes of BLU and VIP as arguably the UK's most recognised brand.

KiK E-Cig Range and Quality:

KiK offers a broad range of personal vaporizers ecigs and e-liquid in various flavours. All KiK e-liquid is Pharmaceutical Grade: they hold the MHRA regulated medical healthcare license certificate number UK WDA(H) 42298.

KiK Vape in the News:

KiK shot to prominence in June 2015 with one of the first mainstream electronic cigarette TV advertising campaigns. Their advert featured footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones, whose catch-line was "KiK E-Cigarettes: I think they're the business".

KiK Vape at The Electric Tobacconist:

We stock the entire KiK vape range from starter kits, to accessories and e-liquids. You can buy KiK e-cigarettes online at The Electric Tobacconist vape shop using both credit/debit card or Paypal. We also offer free shipping on all orders over £20.