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Explore our wide range of products curated specifically for new vapers to ensure a smooth transition into the world of vaping.
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Pod Vapes

Rechargable device and disposable pods.

Low Maintenance:
Replace pod when empty.

Pod Refills:
One pod lasts between 200-400 puffs*

Kit Options:
Limited by device or flavours.

Flavour Options:
Range to choose from can be limited.

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Refills from £1.70/ml

*Dependent on amount of e-liquid in pod and wattage of device. Average amount in pod is 1.9ml at 1 second each puff.

Pro Device Kit
VusePro Device Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Compatible with ePod pods
Pre-filled & Refillable Options
ELFA PRO Kit Group
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Was £5.99 | save £4.99From£1.00

Refillable Vapes

Refillable pods & rechargable device.

Some Maintenance:
Refill the pod when empty & replace pod or coil when it has burnt out.

E-Liquid Refills
One bottle of e-liquid last around 5 refills.*

Flavour Options
Over 1000 different flavours.

Kit Options
Variety of kits and features.

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E-Liquid average £0.36/ml

*E-liquid bottle capacity (10ml) / Average pod capacity (1.9ml) = 5.26 refills

Disposable Vapes

On-the-go convenience meets simplicity.

Zero Maintenance:
Replace device when empty.

Replace device - Least cost effective

Flavour Options
Most brands have a large range of flavours.

Kit Options
Limited by device or flavours.

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Average cost £2.55/ml

Heated Tobacco

Enjoy the taste and sensation of tobacco, without the drawbacks of smoking

Some devices may require cleaning.

One refill last the same as a traditional cigarette.

Flavour Options
Variety of tobacco flavoured refills.

Kit Options
Very few heated tobacco kits on the market.

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Average refill £0.27/stick

+ 3 packs of TEREA
IQOS ILUMA One in a collection including five different colours; Pebble Beige, Moss Green, Pebble Grey, Azure Blue, Sunset Red
Heated Tobacco System
+ 2 packs of EVO Sticks
Collection of Ploom X Advanced Starter Kit
Was £19.00 | save £4.00From£15.00

More recommended starter kits.

Our curated collection of new vaper-friendly products ensures that you have access to the latest and most reliable vaping devices on the market.

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JUUL 2 Starter Kit Box
JUUL2 Starter Kit
Includes Virginia Tobacco & Crisp Menthol Pods
SKE Crystal Plus Refillable group pink and grey only
Coming Soon
Go Reload 1000 Kit
VuseGo Reload 1000 Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Compatible with Vuse Pods
Gold Bar device and pod
Gold BarReload Pod Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
VEEV One Blueberry & Watermelon Starter Kit
VEEVOne Kit | Blueberry & Watermelon
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Includes 2 Pods
VEEV One Blue Mint & Classic Tobacco Starter Kit
VEEVOne Kit | Blue Mint & Classic Tobacco
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Includes 2 Pods
  1. Refillable Vapes:
    Dive into the customizable experience of refillable vapes. Our collection features sleek and user-friendly devices that allow you to choose your favorite e-liquid flavors and control nicotine levels. Discover the freedom to experiment and find the perfect combination that suits your taste.
  2. Prefilled Vapes:
    For those who prefer a hassle-free vaping experience, our prefilled vapes are a convenient option. Simply pick your preferred flavor from our extensive range of pre-filled pods or cartridges, and you're ready to vape. No mess, no fuss – just pure vaping enjoyment.
  3. Heated Tobacco:
    Experience a modern twist on tobacco consumption with our heated tobacco products. Our selection offers a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking, providing a smooth and flavorful experience without the combustion and harmful by-products associated with traditional cigarettes.
  4. Disposables:
    On-the-go convenience meets simplicity with our disposable vapes. Perfect for new vapers who want a no-fuss option, these devices come pre-filled and are ready to use right out of the box. Enjoy the ease of use without compromising on flavor or satisfactio