NJOY is an e-cigarette and vaping company known for its premium products. NJOY products have been developed to offer a satisfying vaping experience for adult smokers and vapers.

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About NJOY

NJOY is one of the largest independent vaping brands based in the U.S. and a leader in the revolution against cigarettes. NJOY offers a portfolio of electronic nicotine products for the millions of adult smokers and vapers looking for an alternative.

Discover the NJOY Vaping Device

The NJOY Vaping Device is a pod-based vapour system featuring an intuitive design. Long-lasting NJOY PODS are formulated with nicotine salts and contain 1.9ml of e-liquid per pod. The UK market features five flavours: Blueberry, Mango, Mint, Rich Tobacco and Watermelon; all at 19 mg/ml nicotine strength.

What do fans say about NJOY

NJOY is a company known for its quality products. NJOY’s range of products is not expansive; instead, NJOY focuses on producing devices that effectively deliver a satisfying vaping experience for adult smokers and vapers.

NJOY UK at The Electric Tobacconist

Take the time to explore our range of NJOY products, whether you're looking to learn more or make a purchase. If you're looking to buy, any order over £20 in value will be dispatched with free delivery and we accept all major payment methods, including PayPal, credit, debit and AMEX.

Common Questions

How Long Does It Take To Charge NJOY Vape Pen?

On a full charge, your NJOY Ace kit should last an entire day of use, and from a completely dead battery, it should take just over an hour to reach 100% capacity.

Do NJOY Pods Have Nicotine?

NJOY Ace Pods contain 1.9ml of 19mg nicotine and utilise a nicotine salt formula for a smooth inhale and fast-acting rush.

How To Clean NJOY Vape Pen?

The contacts on the base of your pod and on the device where you would insert the pod are the areas that tend to gather the most debris and e-liquid build-up. You can use a dry tissue or a cotton earbud to gently wipe these areas dry - be careful not to damage the contacts.

How To Use NJOY Vape?

The NJOY Ace kit is a pod mod kit, which is straightforward to use and assemble. Make sure your vape is on full charge before you begin using it. Once it has reached 100% capacity, unpackage an NJOY Ace Pod and insert it into your device. You should now be ready to use your NJOY kit and start your vaping journey.