NZO Pods & Hardware

NZO is a young company based in the United Kindom that offer a fresh take on hardware with refined, contemporary style. Explore the NZO vape range below:

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About NZO Vape

NZO are an up and coming vape brand that specialise in quality, closed-system hardware. Their staple product is the NZO pod system; a sleek, contemporary vape kit with a diverse range of refill pods available. Above all else, NZO focus on ease of use and simplicity; the ever-expanding market means devices are becoming more and more technical to operate. The team behind NZO aim to offer a smoking alternative that anyone can pick up and use right away. Inhale-activation, fast recharging and quick-swap pods are just a few of the features that make this vision a reality.

The NZO Pods Range

A range of unique flavours are available for the NZO Device, and all are made with premium nicotine salt for a smooth and satisfying draw. Some popular flavour choices include:

  • Fuji: a tangy blend of green apple and strawberry with a juicy nectarine base
  • Apple Tobacco: a unique fusion of apple and rolling tobacco made by flavour specialists Pacha Mama
  • Cucumber Mint: delicate and fresh-tasting, this blend of cucumber and mint leaves is the ultimate summer flavour.
  • Icy Mango: cool & fruity mango. A classic pod flavour that's hugely popular across the board.

Pods contain 1.75ml of e-liquid and are available in both 10mg and 20mg variants.

NZO vape at Electric Tobacconist UK

We're proud to stock the full NZO range, including all pods and the popular NZO pod kit. Browse or shop today with free delivery available on all orders over £20. All popular payment methods accepted.

Common Questions

Can You Refill NZO Pods?

Unfortunately, NZO pods are prefilled with juice; therefore, once these run out, they are to be disposed of - NZO pods are not designed for refilling.

How Long Do NZO Pods Last?

NZO states that your pods should last you anywhere from 3-5 days; however, this depends on how frequently you vape and your draw length.

How To Use NZO Vape?

As the NZO kit is a closed pod mod system, setting up and maintaining is as easy as ever. Firstly, make sure that your device is on full charge. If the vape is already at 100% capacity, insert your NZO pod into your battery, and it should be ready for use.