Pre-filled Pod Kits

Pre-filled pod kits are vape devices that use specially-designed e-liquid cartridges. Explore leading kits here from the likes of Vuse, Blu and Elf Bar.

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JUUL 2 Starter Kit Box
JUUL2 Starter Kit
Includes Virginia Tobacco & Crisp Menthol Pods
Pod Starter Kit
OK VapePod Starter Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Includes 3 x 18mg Pods
Was £12.00 | save £2.01From£9.99
Voom Device & Charger Kit
Device Kit
NJOYDevice Kit
Pod Mod | Pods Sold Separately
Was £3.99 | save £2.00From£1.99
P50 Pod Kit
OK VapeP50 Pod Kit
Battery Only | Pods Sold Separately
Was £9.99 | save £5.00From£4.99
Innobar C1 Starter Kit
Flex Device Kit
VLTZFlex Device Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Was £7.99 | save £3.00From£4.99
Welcome Kit
LogicWelcome Kit
Includes 4 x New Logic Intense 18mg Pods
PX2 Pod Kit
Nasty JuicePX2 Pod Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Lost Mary Tappo Kit
VEEV One Blue Mint & Classic Tobacco Starter Kit
VEEVOne Kit | Blue Mint & Classic Tobacco
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Includes 2 Pods
Was £8.99 | save £3.00From£5.99
Mate 500 Kit
ELF BARMate 500 Kit
Pre-filled pods & refillable pods available
Reload Pod Kit
Gold BarReload Pod Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Bundle Offer
Device Kit | Black
LogicDevice Kit | Black
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Pods Sold Separately
3 Kits for £33
A collection of the SKE Crystal 4 in 1 Kit in three different colours
SKECrystal 4in1 Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Pre-filled & Refillable Options
ELFA Pro Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit
Was £5.99 | save £4.99From£1.00
JUUL2 Device Kit
JUULJUUL2 Device Kit
JUUL 2 Device & Charger Kit
Hexa Pro Device Kit
Bundle Offer
Pro Device Kit
VusePro Device Kit
Pre-filled Pod Kit | Compatible with ePod pods