Launched in 2011, TABlites is one of the UK's leading e-cigarette brands, producing e-liquids that are ideal for use in your vape pen. Shop the range below:

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TABlites E-Cigarettes Background

TABlites are a major UK electronic cigarette brand based out of Manchester. They were a founding member of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA).

Reasons to Buy a TABlites E-Cigarette

TABlites products have been approved by regulators in both the UK and EU regarding the sale of electrical goods and nicotine-containing products. The range on offer is highly regarded in the UK market due to its variety of products and liquids.

TABlites E-Cigarette Range available

TABlites' reputation has grown as a result of producing first class e-liquid devices. If you like this type of product, you may want to check out our Innokin range, which was voted the best e-cigarette in the UK by online gadgets magazine Gizmodo.

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