VAPEcom E-Liquid

VAPEcom e-liquids utilise a classic formula to offer a satisfying mix of flavour and throat hit. Explore the premium range below and discover a new favourite:

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About VAPEcom

Like many great vape brands, VAPEcom started small and worked their way up. Initially running a simple kiosk, the brand is now a fully-fledged developer and retailer with their own e-liquids lines. The brand is based in the UK, manufacturing their e-liquids here too.

VAPEcom specially tailor their e-liquids to 'old-school' users; specifically using a PG/VG formula that was favoured when vaping first became popular. Their specially sourced flavour concentrates match the taste of famed e-liquids that are no longer available to buy, catering to a unique audience. We recommend using VAPEcom liquids in low-powered kits; a vape pen or pod system for example!

The VAPEcom Range

The VAPEcom range captures the flavours of several vaping classics, ranging from fruit to tobacco to menthol. The e-liquids feature a high PG ratio (70%), which intensifies the flavour and offers a more defined throat hit. These e-liquids are particularly well suited to vape pens and pod devices that utilise low wattage settings, providing a mouth-to-lung experience that emulates the sensation of smoking.

VAPEcom Liquids at the Electric Tobacconist

Explore the full VAPEcom range at the Electric Tobacconist and enjoy exclusive discounts when you mix & match! We accept all major payment methods, including AMEX and PayPal, and offer free delivery on all orders of £20 or more.