Where is my order? I am a UK customer

If your order has not yet arrived..
Please allow 7 days for your order to be delivered. If you contact us without allowing 7 days, there's nothing our team will be able to do by way of help.
If you specifically paid for a Next Day Guaranteed service, please click here.
If it's been 7 days since your order was despatched and it still hasn't arrived, please refer to the points below:
If your order has still not arrived after 7 days of despatch..
1. Please check the delivery address you were given on your confirmation of order email. This is the delivery address you will have given us, and it is the main cause of customers believing their orders have yet to arrive (ie the order has been sent to a different address to the one the customer was expecting).
2. Please note we use discreetly packaged, usually white envelopes and boxes, so it may in fact have arrived without you having noticed it!
3. If you've checked points 1 & 2 and 7 days have passed, click here to be taken to our contact form, let us know your order number and we will get the issue sorted as a matter of urgency. We despatch fast and after that it's in the hands of Royal Mail, but 7 days is too long for anyone to wait for their e-cigarette products.