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5 Hidden Benefits of E-Cigarettes

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1. You don't need to wash your hair as often As you have probably seen from my profile picture, this is a hugely important benefit of e-cigarettes to me! Like a landscaped garden, my beautiful side-parting and stylish grey hair needs a large amount of upkeep. As a smoker, my weekly shampoo and conditioner costs were upwards of £20. This has now halved (I spend the savings on Kiehl's moisturiser, since you ask). It's simple, e-cigarettes don't make you smell as much since the vapour they produce is odourless. This maybe a secondary benefit to you, but not to me! Washing-your-hair 2. You don't need to break off an ecig for later Us former smokers have all done it... smoking got so expensive that if you weren't able to finish an e-cigarette, you'd 'break it off' with a flick of the index finger, replace it in your cigarette packet (which would then stink out the box and your pocket, but hey, you were saving 25p!) and relight it later! There is no need to do that any more. Ecigs work on an 'activation' basis, whereby if used properly, the battery does not drain if you're not using it. ecig vs cigarette 3. You don't need to carry a lighter Lighters are the most stolen items in the world. Fact. This is no longer a problem for you. You don't need that lighter anymore. E-cigarettes do not burn, and therefore do not require lighting by fire or by any other means - so no more Police statements to report thefts of lighters (was it only me who used to report these thefts?) carrying-a-lighter 4. Your sense of smell will return You won't know you missed it until it comes back... sense-of-smell 5. You avoid the smoking area at work and 'That Guy'. Since smoking revolves around your breaks (usually work-related), you tend to see the same people in the designated smoking areas. Everyone knows that in any group larger than five, it is a statistical certainty that one person will be incredibly irritating, it stands to reason that in nearly every designated smoking area in the UK, there is a very annoying man or woman who you are forced to interact with on every ciggy break. In your new life as a vaper, this person disappears from your life - hooray! annoying-man Lenny Stubbs