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5 Reasons You Need to Own a Disposable Ecig

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Some people swear by them, some people don't go near them, but the disposable e-cig is one of those things you don't realise you need until it's too late...

REASON #1: It will last forever

Ok, not forever, but you can take a few puffs on it, put it away and the battery will still be intact if you go back to it many months later. The battery is draw-activated, meaning once it only gets turned on when you draw on it. This is a very good reason to put it alongside your emergency Mars Bar in that drawer, therefore. What? You don't have an emergency Mars Bar? Must be just me then... emergency_chocolate

REASON #2: Electricity can fail and/or the recharge might not be an option

This one makes every nicotine dependant shudder, but it does happen... in fact, it happened to me last week. Batteries, charging leads, electricity can all leave you high and dry, and then you'll wish you acted on this blog post (as you march towards Tesco Express in search of nicotine...) people walking in the street in front of Tesco

REASON #3: Forget electricity, sometimes we just forget to charge

I am considering buying an electric car so I can use just this excuse when I don't want to show up for work, but sometimes we simply forget to charge things. While ecigs are new and we're all still in awe of this new nicotine delivering option it's less likely, but as time goes on, there will often be times when we have simply forgotten to charge ours up and that disposable ecig will be a God-send. Editor's Note: For those of you who haven't heard of it, there now exists something called 'passthrough' which means an e-cigarette can be vaped whilst on charge. Another invention I wish I had come up with... forgetful

REASON #2: For Demonstrating

As adopters of new technology, we naturally like to educate others, it's in our DNA. This isn't preaching, this is talking to people about ecigs when they ask (and they do ask. A lot). For this, it's always good to have a disposable on you. Firstly for hygiene reasons ("Hello Mr Stranger, feel free to put your lips around my electronic cigarette." Eugh.), and secondly because the disposable is a one-piece device which usually looks and feels a lot more like a traditional cigarette than rechargeables and 'Mods'. New users are much more likely to be swayed by something which looks like their old friend 'the cigarette'.

REASON #1: For THAT night out

Now, I haven't been on one of THOSE nights out since my stag party in 1949, but I am led to believe that people still go out and drink to excess from time to time. On these nights out, it is relatively commonplace for one to arrive home having lost certain personal belongings that can be of value. E.g. On March 24th 1949 I came home having lost both wedding rings, my bowler hat (disaster) and my bike. The moral of the story, therefore, is that if you own an expensive starter kit, leave it at home on such nights, and just take your disposable. Bike-London-Bowler-Hat-150x150 portrait of a senior man exercising with a dumbbell