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Advanced Vaping 101: The Complete Guide to RDAs, RBAs and RTAs

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Getting started with e-cigarettes is straightforward and simple, but for those who want to get the very best vaping experience, it pays to know all about the modern marvels that are fast overtaking smoking, including the types of atomisers you can get and what they deliver

If you have ditched your tobacco habit and have turned to vaping instead, or are still considering it, you may well be scratching your head about everything associated with this enjoyable and trendy hobby. There's the components of e-cigarettes themselves, as well as an array of options to pick from and acronyms to break down. And what about the brands? Is Kangertech the brand for you? What about Vype, BLU or Innokin? With all these burning questions, just how do you avoid being totally blown away by it all?

Here at Electric Tobacconist, we've got the low-down on everything you need to know to get the most out of your e-cigarettes, with a handy guide to all the various elements and how they work together. Read on and you'll be an expert on e-cigarettes faster than you can say Rebuildable Tank Atomiser!

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Sorting Out All the E-Cigarette Jargon

Using e-cigarettes is supposed to be a pleasurable experience — and once you settle into a routine and know your stuff, it definitely is. When starting out on your vaping journey, it may seem like manufacturers like Kangertech and Innokin go out of their way to bamboozle their customers with jargon more suited to a science experiment than an enjoyable pastime activity. But with a little bit of know-how, all the buzzwords and technical terms become as clear as day, including the terms used for different types of atomiser. Let's give you the run-down on what it's all about.

E-Cigarette Atomiser 1: RDAs

These are Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers — also known as dripping atomisers or just drippers — and enable vaping by doing just that: dripping e-liquid from a bottle onto heated coils or wicks. RDAs are renowned for generating large amounts of vapour from the e-liquid and they really represent the best atomisers you can get your hands on today. Many people who vape love RDAs for the intense and pure flavours they provide, putting them amongst the most popular on the e-cigarettes market. Have a look at some of our awesome RDAs.

E-Cigarette Atomiser 2: RBAs

This is a Rebuildable Atomiser, which is a fairly general name for an atomiser that has a deck upon which wicks and coils can be mounted. It's the choice of the experienced vaper as it can deliver incredible flavours and vapours. You can build on the decks, as you can with drippers, and these have a tank that holds more liquid -- so you get long stretches of vaping before you have to refill.

E-Cigarette Atomiser 3: RTAs

Still with us? Good! – An RTA is an atomiser that has a rebuildable tank (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser, to give it its proper name). These little devices have a sealed chamber surrounded by a reservoir for the e-liquid; a chimney is connected to the chamber and it guides vapour to the drip tip while the wick becomes saturated by the e-liquid and coils carry out the vapourising. Its rebuildable atomiser deck means you can make your own coils, giving you way more control over your vaping -- and there's something for every budget, including here at Electric Tobacconist.

So, to recap: RDAs are the dripping-type atomiser that are rebuildable, as are RBAs, and RTAs feature a rebuildable atomiser tank, all with slight variations on each other.

Which e-Cigarette Vaporiser Is Right for You?

That all sounds great, but if you’re like most people, you’re not going to be hung up on the technicalities of e-cigarettes and the specifics of their atomisers. All you want to know is what’s the best fit for you.

Like anything in life, it depends on you and your preferences. If it’s simple convenience you're after and you're not too concerned about pure levels of flavour, you might want to opt for an RTA e-cigarette. Just pick it up and start vaping, and that's about all there is to it. For those looking for deeper and richer vaping experiences, however, opt instead for an RDA, allowing to drip and vape as you go, or indeed the erstwhile and customisable RBA.

All three, of course, essentially do the same thing, which is to deliver the precious vapour you're after, only in slightly different ways. With RDAs, RBAs and RTAs, just bear in mind these basics: these three are all variations on an atomiser and start with "R" for "rebuildable". An RBA is a generic term for any type of atomiser with a deck you can build on with wicks and coils. A key feature of the RDA is it produces large amounts of vapour. And with the RTA you don't get manual dripping.

Whatever atomiser you choose from the Electric Tobacconist for your e-cigarettes, including the wonderful Kangertech and Innokin brands, happy vaping!

Now that you’re clued up on the wonderful world of vaping and all it entails, we invite you to have a look at our extensive range of e-cigarette brands and see which you like.