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A Guide to Vape Juice for Beginners

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Understanding everything about vaping means being totally knowledgeable about vape juice and the many forms it comes in. Here's our guide to vape juice for beginners.

Liquid for vaper, soaring, electronic cigarettes. Vape juice containers with flavor. Smoke clouds and vape liquid bottles. Whatever type of vape gear you're using, or considering buying, if you're just starting out in the great and exciting world of vaping, the gear will come with vape juice. It's not really "juice", of course, or certainly not of the kind you buy in a carton in the supermarket. Instead, it's a combination of ingredients that allow you to vape. It's also known as e-liquid and e-juice. The first thing you need to know about vape juice is that it's a world away from what's found in a tobacco cigarette. You can say goodbye to all those toxic chemicals — thousands of them — that are released when tobacco burns. Instead, you have a few basic ingredients that the experts say is close to 100% better for your health. You may already know that vape juice comes in a staggering variety of flavours, and it can be hard to know which is right for you. And it comes with nicotine, too, in different strengths. To make matters even more confusing, vape juice can also have no nicotine at all — just the many fruity and zany flavours that vapers all over the world have come to love. But once you know what's right for you, you'll never look back, and hopefully, if you're a smoker, never pick up another cigarette ever again.

The Base of Vape Juice

Vape juice is generally made using two types of bases, either Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). It's not necessary to go into the many technical details of what exactly each substance is in this brief guide to vape juice for beginners, other than to say these are materials that are used in a variety of common food and other everyday products. Additionally, each base has its own particular characteristics — for example PG is thinner than VG and more commonly used in e-cigarettes and gives a pleasant so-called ‘throat hit’. The thicker VG allows for larger vape clouds to be blown and this is important for people who take part in cloud chasing and enter cloud competitions, which have become increasingly popular. Nicotine salts is another base used to make vape juice and is now incredibly popular — thanks to the runaway success of the Juul vape pen that's now available in the US market. It allows for higher concentrations of nicotine to be delivered in a single puff, and this can be particularly necessary for people who were heavy smokers and need to have a high level of nicotine or they might relapse.

Know Your Strengths

Also essential when considering vape juice for beginners is the amount of nicotine in them. As we've just mentioned, heavy smokers will want to be satisfied with the nicotine they're getting from their vape gear, so a high-strength PG or VG is essential, or a nic salt base such as are found in Juul pods — in the US at least. That's where Juul originates, but thanks to EU laws here, they've had to slash the amount of nicotine in their refills for the UK market. Casual smokers — those who only smoke at the weekend, say, have a cigarette or two in the evening, with a drink — will want to opt for a mid- or low-strength vape juice or they might not like the experience. And for people who have never smoked but want to take up vaping for the fun of it, they may be better off not getting involved with nicotine at all and just get nicotine-free vape-juice refills that have flavours such as strawberry, pineapple, mint and a whole lot more. After all, the goal of many smokers is not just to quit tobacco but to eventually give up nicotine for good. Vaping allows you to gradually scale back the amount you're using until it's just the flavours you're vaping. Vape juice is easy to get, costs little — and lasts ages. Check out all the best vape juices available in the UK today at the Electric Tobacconist shop. You’ll find out why we’re a UK leader in vape supplies and highly rated for our excellent customer service!