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Best Apps to Help Quit Smoking (with Electronic Cigarettes)

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Electronic cigarettes are helping people to get off deadly tobacco — and stop-smoking apps are assisting, too.

No app is surely more important than one that might potentially save your life. For smokers and those around them inhaling their harmful fumes, the risks are all too real: a downward health spiral, tobacco-related diseases and even death. This is not just a slight chance of this happening, as over 100,000 smokers and people who inhaled secondhand smoke die in the UK each year from the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke that they inhaled. Worldwide, some 7 million people lose their lives to tobacco annually, close to 1 million of them being people who never smoked, but were around smokers and inhaled their fumes. Now, thanks to the development and availability of electronic cigarettes, many people are finding it much easier to give up smoking for good and save their health. Prior to this, smokers battling their addiction tried such common cessation methods as nicotine patches or gum, often failing along the way and resorting back to cigarettes. Today, though, along with electronic cigarettes there's an array of helpful apps smokers can use to stub out cigarettes for good and stay on track. We’ve had a look at a few of them.

Apps for Kicking the Habit and Using with Electronic Cigarettes

NHS Smokefree

NHS Smoke Free App This free app from the UK health service is your personal guide to quitting cigarettes. The NHS already advises smokers, via its annual Stoptober campaign, that electronic cigarettes are among the most effective ways of quitting. Now, via its app, the health service has created a four-week programme that combines support, advice and encouragement — including by telling you how much you’re saving monthly and annually by not buying expensive cigarettes.


Quit Now App QuitNow! is also free and is available for more than just Apple and Android devices; it's offered for Windows Phone, Blackberry and Amazon, too. The app claims more than 2 million people have used it to quit smoking — which is probably not accurate, as that's the number of downloads. QuitNow! displays helpful real-time stats, such as days quit and money saved, to help people with anxiety and in their battle to kick the habit.

Stop Smoking — Mindfulness Meditation App

Stop Smoking - Mindfulness Meditation App to cessation smoking Taking a calmer approach to quitting, Stop Smoking — Mindfulness Meditation App uses mindfulness and meditation to help smokers achieve their goals. The app is free, but is only available for Apple devices. It has meditation sessions that run from five minutes up to 40 that you can do anywhere and are for people of all meditation levels, from the unexperienced to intermediate and advanced alike. Quitting smoking is certainly the best thing you can do for your health. You can use these apps, along with electronic cigarettes — which don’t contain the toxic chemicals found in burning tobacco — to realise your dream. That’s definitely something to be ‘appy about.

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