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What Are Nicotine Salts? Our Comprehensive Guide

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Heard of nicotine salts and wondering what on earth they are? Here’s the low-down.

Just what are nicotine salts? Is it something you sprinkle on your vape gear to give it more flavour and a higher nicotine hit? No and yes. Nicotine salts — also known as nic salts — are fast becoming all the rage among vapers, because they deliver way more nicotine in a vaping puff and more closely resemble the experience smokers who switch to vaping are after. One of the biggest drivers of the nicotine salt trend has been the wildly popular Juul vape pen, the e-liquid "pod" refills of which typically have more nicotine in them — and are available in a variety of flavours — than other e-cigarettes and vape gear. Juul devices have recently only been available in the United States and Israel, but the California-based company is currently in the midst of an international expansion programme and has just now come to the United Kingdom. For anyone considering swapping from smoking to vaping, or just taking up vaping having never smoked, it's important to know that the e-liquid in most e-cigarettes comes in varying strengths, as well as none, so you can choose which is best for you. Some people, after all, don't want nicotine in their e-liquid because they simply enjoy the many amazing flavours available — everything from strawberry, and mango, to coconut, menthol and a whole lot more.

So What Are Nicotine Salts?

Salt shaker icon line isolated on clean background. Powder salt concept drawing salt shaker icon line in modern style. Vector illustration for your web site mobile logo app UI design. In nic salt e-liquid, nicotine salts are used in place of regular (or "freebase") nicotine; these salts closely resemble the form of nicotine found naturally in the tobacco leaf. Nicotine salt liquids are smoother to vape at higher strengths than regular e-liquids, and as the salts are absorbed more quickly into the body than freebase nicotine, you'll find that vaping nic salts feels very similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, providing a quick and satisfying kick of nicotine.  Of course, the problem with cigarettes isn't so much the nicotine: the main issue is everything else packed in there, which leads to a host of health problems that can turn deadly. The idea of nicotine salts in vaping gear is to provide a far healthier alternative — you get the nicotine hit you desire, but none of the many thousands of harmful substances given off from burning tobacco. Nicotine salts are great if you want to finally kick your smoking habit or if you've tried vaping before, but it didn't work out because you weren't satisfied with the nicotine level you were getting. Higher strengths of nicotine are available in more sophisticated vaping gear, but they can often be a bit too high-tech for the vaping novice — while a nicotine-salt Juul, for example, is simple and easy to use.  

Nicotine Salts Pros and Cons

The advantages of nicotine salts is that they deliver higher rates of satisfaction to vapers — giving smokers that essential nicotine buzz they desire. Plus, it provides a smoother nicotine hit, instead of what sometimes can be harsh on the throat when using other e-liquids. As for any disadvantages with using nicotine salts, some people may not be used to high strengths of nicotine, so they may initially feel woozy while using them. There are also fewer options when looking for this kind of product — unless you want to invest in the more high-tech gear that uses higher wattages to deliver more nicotine. That's not always an option, especially for those starting out. But, let's face it, these cons are miniscule, if not non-existent, if you're already a medium or heavy smoker and want to vape to improve your health. You may find this is one kind of vape gear that is totally the nicotine salt of the earth. Get your vape gear now at the Electric Tobacconist online shop. It's got absolutely everything you need to get vaping and never stop, including great nicotine salts at amazingly low prices.  We also offer free UK and European delivery on orders over a certain amount. Shop now!