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Does Sub-Ohm Vaping Deter People From E-Cigarettes?

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It’s becoming more and more difficult for people to deny that e-cigarettes are helping Britain become smoke-free. On the face of it, an e-cigarette is a great way to quit smoking. The way they work is an almost direct replacement for cigarettes, while being both healthier and cheaper. Recent Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) statistics inform us that as many as 22% of the UK’s smoking population (that have never tried an e-cig) still think that e-cigarettes are more harmful than smoking tobacco. But what about the other 78%? What reason do they have for not switching to the healthier alternative? Could global vape culture and even sub-ohm vaping be putting people off? The man smoke an electronic cigarette on the dark background  

Understanding Vape Culture

While electronic cigarettes are rightly marketed as tobacco cessation devices, vapers have managed to create their own culture within which to fit. Much in the same way that society and big tobacco have produced a great deal of iconography and ‘meaning’ around cigarettes over the last 100 years, vaping communities the world over have developed a clearly distinguishable culture via which they can interact. We can define vape culture as actions in which an involvement or interest is shown for going beyond using an e-cigarette to simply quit smoking. As with any subculture, this can be shown in varying degrees. While some participants are only marginally involved in the culture, others will develop a far stronger relationship with it. There is, of course, one major difference between vape culture and cigarette smoking culture. The imagery of smoking cigarettes defines itself alongside mainstream culture, inferring that cigarettes are popular, normal, or even cool. Vape culture, for the most part, defines itself against the mainstream culture. To be part of vape culture is to be part of something different, independent and valuable. This is one reason why subcultures can be seen as exclusive or elitist.


Sub-Ohm Vaping Within Vape Culture

Sub-Ohm vaping and all that comes with it is a major part of vape culture. Often considered to be for more advanced e-cigarette users, sub-ohm vaping involves the use of lower resistance coils and more powerful batteries to produce huge clouds of vapour. It’s ‘advanced level’ status is because of there being greater technically knowledge required for sub-ohm vaping to work effectively. However, sub-ohm vaping also offers vapers the opportunity to enter a seemingly whole new world. It allows people to really classify themselves as ‘vapers’ rather than just individuals who vape. They are no longer classed as ‘ex-smokers’, they have a new place in society with a new culture to share and a community with collective values. Activities such as cloud chasing (which is now a recognised sport) is a prime example of the top end of vape culture — and it would be impossible without sub-ohm vaping. A more everyday example would be seeing someone producing a huge vapour cloud while you walked down the street. This person (with the help of sub-ohm vaping) is making a clear statement about the fact that they are a vaper and that they stand out from mainstream culture.  

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping Inclusive or Exclusive?

While it’s difficult to say whether or not sub-ohm vaping creates a culture of exclusivity, it could certainly be seen as more difficult to associate with than regular e-cigarettes. Top-quality, off-the-shelf sub-ohm vaping starter kits are becoming more easily available, which has gone some way to make vape culture more accessible to newcomers. INNOKIN CoolFire Ultra TC150 Kit It’s also so much easier to find a vape shop now that the number of retail outlets is increasing year on year. Getting advice over the counter can make sub-ohm vaping a lot less intimidating and complicated. In fact, it’s pretty straightforward! But the real question isn’t how people can start to enjoy sub-ohm vaping; it’s ‘does sub-ohm vaping and vape culture deter that 78% to quit smoking in exchange for an e-cigarette?’ If they feel that buying an e-cig will identify them as vapers, then perhaps they will shy away from these potentially life-saving products. The message that health officials and the government has advocated is that you should buy an e-cigarette as a device to help you quit smoking. However, this doesn’t always coincide with the way that e-cigarettes have been represented in the media, or marketed by certain brands. The fact that e-cigarettes can be seen as something more than just a way to quit smoking, something that ‘imparts culture’, could deter smokers. We are glad to see that more and more people are realising that these two aspects of e-cigarettes do not need to go hand in hand. With the number of people using e-cigarettes in the UK increasing, we hope that as many people as possible get to experience the excellent benefits of electronic cigarettes. That way, they can make an informed decision about vape culture here in the UK and how much they want to involve themselves in it.

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