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Does Vaping Really Make You Fat?

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If you’re wondering if vaping makes you fat, consider the alternative: deadly cigarettes.

Vaping by electronic cigarette fat man using smart-phone on the bridge at night city. The French famously don't want to stop smoking because they fear they will get fat — and to the super-sophisticated Gallic folk, nothing could be worse. Even as more people switch to vaping to try to get off unhealthy cigarettes, in some quarters, there remains a reluctance to do so, because of the traditional belief that smoking keeps you thin. Recent studies have, in fact, shown that nicotine can suppress the appetite and, therefore, cause people to eat less. The obvious effect is that you're less likely to reach for that tray of pork pies and pile on the pounds as a result. The key consideration, however, is that nicotine can also be found in e-cigarettes and is available in varying concentrations. What's not in e-cigs are the some 70 substances given off by burning tobacco, which are now known to cause cancer in the human body. So why don't all those many French smokers start vaping instead? It seems a growing number actually are. It turns out that a massive one million people in France stopped smoking last year, compared to the year before. According to figures from the French Health Ministry, the number of people who smoke tobacco cigarettes every day plunged from just under 30% of the population — which totals almost 67 million — in 2017 to slightly below 27%. A noticeable trend in the decline of smoking was found among men aged 18 to 24 and women aged 55 to 64.

So Does Vaping Make You Fat?

Quite simply, there's nothing in e-cigarettes to turn you into a porker. The e-liquid refills they use have a vegetable, glycerin or salt base, into which nicotine and flavours are mixed. Some e-liquids don't contain any nicotine at all, meaning vapers can still get their nicotine hit and benefit from its appetite-suppressing quality, if they choose. In terms of calories, then, there's practically nothing in vape refills that will cause you to get fat. What some people find when they give up smoking and take up vaping instead is that they're somewhat anxious or restless, or have some kind of unfulfilled desire. This can cause them to eat more and perhaps drink more alcohol, because they're simply not sure what to do with themselves. For smokers who are making the change to vaping and do not want to gain weight, the key is to choose vape gear — and e-liquid — that's right for you. Something like a Juul vape pen is perfect for the novice vaper, because it gives you the same tactile experience you're used to and delivers a cigarette-style nicotine hit that will keep you satisfied.

Billion Smokers: Fat's No Good

These are truly shocking statistics, and they just go to show how far we have to go to win the long war against deadly tobacco: around 1.1 billion people smoke cigarettes, and their habit is killing half of them. This translates into around seven million deaths globally every single year from tobacco smoking — some 890,000 of whom "only" inhaled secondhand smoke and went on to develop a fatal tobacco-related disease. Most of these people are in the developing world — large swathes of Asia, for instance, where tobacco companies prey on the low-and middle-income segments of society and, disgracefully, even target their blaring and blatant ads at children. Certainly, these people will not be all that concerned about getting fat, but merely surviving as they go about their daily toil. For those of us in the developed and wealthier parts of the world, where tobacco advertising is mostly banned, we have other, more superficial issues to contend with. So, as for the answer to “does vaping make you fat?”, it’s a big fat “no”. The Electric Tobacconist online vape shop is open 24/7 for all your vaping needs. Explore our massive range of vape gear and e-liquid refills available at prices that can’t be beaten. You can also get free UK and European delivery on orders over certain amounts!