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E-Cigarette Clearomizer Tanks: The Complete Guide

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young bearded man holds an electronic cigarette (e-cig) and exhaling a cloud of vapor. guy vaping in sunglasses with tattoos Even though clearomizer tanks have been used since 2009, there is still a great deal of confusion around them. We hope to shed a bit of light on this ingenious technology and get you interested in a subject that we feel is a crucial part of vape culture. So, the disposable electronic cigarette is your entry-level purchase. Simple to use, no hassle, but a fairly basic, one-dimensional vape. But the cartomizer-rechargeable models provide a longer-lasting product; cheaper in the long run than disposables and often more pleasurable, as the technology is a little more advanced. If all you want is to find a healthy replacement for cigarettes, maybe these models would be the best choice for you. But clearomizer e-cigarettes are a whole new world of vaping, with enough brands, styles and specifications to make your head spin. So we’re going to simplify this area of e-cigarettes, to make it an easy process when you come to buy your next e-cigarette from the Electric Tobacconist. Which ever style you choose, always remember to recycle your electronic cigarettes!

Clearomizer Components

A clearomizer is the see-through tank on an electronic cigarette, where your e-liquid is stored. They hold the wick, which absorbs your e-liquid from the tank, which is then heated by the coil (in the atomizer), then vapour is produced (airflow is provided via the chimney component). There are a variety of tank sizes, ways of refilling, wick positions and coil types — all of which we will break down for you.

Top Coil Clearomizers

This is the original, standard clearomizer. With the coil at the top, you get a warmer vape. Some people prefer this, some don’t. When the vapour is a higher temperature, you can feel it in the back of your throat much more than with a cooler vape (produced by bottom coil clearomizers). Often with top coil clearomizers, there can be an issue with wicking (how much e-liquid your wick has absorbed). To combat this, long wick models have been introduced. But even with such precautions, dry burning (when your wick is not wet enough and the vapour tastes burnt) can affect your vape.

Bottom Coil Clearomizers

These models have the coil positioned at, unsurprisingly, the bottom of the tank — a design which helps the wick to feed to coil through gravity. Because of this, the wick can be smaller, so the liquid can get to the coil quicker and more evenly. This results in a smoother vape and goes a long way in preventing that burnt taste you can get when you dry burn. Bottom coil clearomizers also tend to have a cooler vapour, as the heating element is further away from your mouth. Unscrew at the bottom instead of the top when refilling or replacing coils. They come in many shapes and sizes, most with replaceable coils, too. We highly recommend clearomizers with replaceable coils, as this helps to prolong their usable lifespan.

Dual Coil Clearomizers

Here’s a slightly outdated, but nonetheless effective clearomizer. It benefits from having two coils, which acts to half the resistance during heating process. Because of this, they create a more flavoursome vapour, but at the cost of double the battery power. The coil’s resistance is measured in ohms, so two coils at 3.6 ohms would create a 1.8 ohm atomizer. The lower your ohms, the more flavour and the larger vape cloud you can produce. Don’t forget: two coils mean your battery will run down twice as fast! Bare that in mind when purchasing.

Vertical Coil Clearomizers

This newer technology places the coil vertically, down the length of the chimney, instead of horizontally across it. Because of this, it produces much less resistance, while heating the liquid more evenly — providing a smoother, more enjoyable vape. Vertical coil clearomizers are a more modern product, but still suitable for anyone’s budget, find our range of vertical coil clearomizers here! We regard them as one of the best clearomizers you can buy. The cost of investing in a vertical coil is a little higher, but the returns are far greater. They can achieve some of the best vapes possible, with excellent vapour production and a fantastic performance. They can be heavy on your e-liquid supply, but so worth it!

Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sub-Ohm Tanks offer vapers the opportunity to create massive amounts of vapour and produce the most flavoursome vape possible. Using a coil with a resistance of less than 1 ohm, combined with a wider airflow, drastically increases how much e-liquid you can use in one vape. More power is required, as is more liquid, so if you’re a dedicated ‘sub-ohmer’, it might be an idea to upgrade to a box mod. This will produce the best results and allow you to vape all day. If you find the box mods to be too bulky, there are ‘mini’ versions, like this one from Kangertech. ‘Sub-ohming’ requires sub-ohm liquid, which isn’t necessarily any more expensive, but will always have a reduced nicotine content, as each vape is quite powerful. We wouldn’t recommend this as an entry level e-cigarette — it’s more designed for big flavour.

Temperature Control Coils

Many clearomizers now come with temperature control coils, allowing for even more personalisation to your vaping experience. Similar in design, but made with a different metal to traditional coils, the user can change the heat of their coil to suit their preferences. We feel this recent development for the e-cigarette industry is a very welcomed one. While temperature control coils are more costly, they also benefit the user with longer lasting coils, batteries and even liquid, saving you money over time. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves to vape!

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