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What does an E-Cigarette and Jeremy Corbyn Have in Common?

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So you might be wondering where we’re going with this. Bear with us, as it might seem difficult to find any comparisons between the leader of the Labour Party and the UK’s leading tobacco smoking cessation device. However, in recent years we’ve seen the unsettling rise of fake news. In some situations this has gone as far as to be described as libel. In fact, both Jeremy Corbyn and the UK's e-cigarette industry have been on the tail end of aggressive fake news campaigns. Jeremy Corbyn
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Along with the ever-increasing popularity of social media has come a rise in the visibility of fake news stories. While some of these ‘clickbait’ articles are simply designed to lure the reader to a web page with an unimportant story, there are others which are capable of doing real damage to their targets. In fact, a recent court case defended a businessman whose business was being wrongly criticised online. An injunction was sent via email to prevent the ‘fake news’ campaign from continuing. The recent general election in the UK saw a wide range of disparaging media bias towards the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Towards the end of the election campaign, some newspapers were clinging to any opportunity to criticise his party, going to great lengths to carefully cherrypick quotes that would create the most damage. Not everything we read in a newspaper or on the internet is necessarily true. It can be really beneficial to find the original source of the information, instead of someone’s interpretations. I wouldn’t be pleased to find my family and friends were happily lying to me, so I don’t accept the same from the global media either! Rolled Up Newspaper with Headline of Fake News Isolated on White Background.

How E-Cigarettes in the UK are Portrayed

E-cigarettes in the UK have been portrayed in such a variety of ways that it’s no wonder people still believe they are as harmful of smoking tobacco. It’s difficult to know what to believe when one day a newspaper says one thing, and the next it says something completely different. Fortunately, e-cigarettes and nicotine-free vape are being recommended throughout the UK by our National Health Service as a successful strategy for cigarette cessation. With large, reputable organisations such as Cancer Research UK and the Royal College of Physicians supporting the UK’s e-cigarette industry, ours has grown into one of Europe’s largest vaping communities. But articles continue to pop up that make unsubstantiated claims, hampering the UK’s e-cigarette industry by using negative wording, unsupported by facts. Simply stating that a recent study has proved something isn’t enough. Correct documentation, and evidence of studies and surveys are essential to fact-driven journalism.

Silencing the Critics

There are an increasing number of scientific studies from around the world that continue to show that electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to cigarettes. While e-cigarettes in the UK have only been popular for a few years, it’s simply a matter of time until more people realise their value as a tobacco cessation device. Just as Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party defied the odds on June 8th, so too will the UK’s e-cigarette industry! People need to take more time to consider the information we get bombarded with on a daily basis. Not only are some of the things we read untrue, they can also have a negative impact on the subject of debate. We’d like to see more fact checking and less clickbaiting please!

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