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How E-Cigarettes in the UK are Leading the Fight Against Tobacco Smoke

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While it’s pretty obvious that we love vaping, there are still plenty of e-cigarette sceptics in the UK and beyond. However, in light of recent statistics published by the National Health Service (NHS), the Office for National Statistics and Public Health England, the percentage of people in the UK who smoke is at an all time low. Part of this success is due to the fact that over half of the e-cigarette users in the UK have been able to quit smoking tobacco completely. No Smoking,To yourself to your surroundings better Unfortunately, studies still show that some of the UK see the e-cigarette as being equally or even more harmful than smoking tobacco. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) published this annual survey in May, indicating that 26% of respondents were of this belief. While it’s difficult to understand how people can maintain these opinions, we are confident that scientific research from around the world will continue to shift public opinion.

Ambitions of a Smoke-Free UK

With the percentage of the UK still smoking cigarettes at the lowest it’s been since records began 40 years ago, it’s no longer a distant dream that we might become a smoke-free nation. One of the most important factors that contribute to this ambition is that for “the first time, figures show that the biggest drop is among younger adults, aged 18-19”, with smoking rates dropping by as much as 25% since 2010. Not only are the health benefits of quitting smoking well documented, in fact, a smoke-free UK would contribute to improving the budget of the NHS. Currently as much as £2 billion is spent every year on treating smoking-related illness. Most of us have lived with the NHS all our lives, too see it under such pressure as it is now is really quite alarming! In fact, the UK is one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to being ‘smoke-free’. While we can’t claim that this is solely because of the e-cigarette, they have been championed in the UK (more so than most countries) as a suitable tobacco cessation device. This has surely had a positive effect.

How Can an E-Cigarette Help Me?

We’re lucky that in the UK, an e-cigarette can be recommended to us by the NHS. But the main reason they’ve been so effective at helping cigarette smokers to quit is because they are almost a direct replacement — without the health risks. The major difficulties when giving up smoking are to do with cravings, oral fixation and having to break daily routines which might have developed over years. An e-cigarette works alongside these stimulants, helping to find an alternative to tobacco, rather than working against them and making you go ‘cold turkey’. It’s also important to remember that e-cigarettes in the UK can deliver varying strengths of nicotine. While a nicotine free vape might be too much of a challenge at first, you have the choice to work your way from the higher 20mg strengths, down to the nicotine-free vape. The great thing about a nicotine free vape is that you can still get all the fantastic e-liquid flavours, not have to break your vaping routines, and still work towards not wanting nicotine at all!

So join the vaping revolution and empower yourself to quit smoking with an e-cigarette today. Delivery is free with orders over £10!