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England Is Going Smoke-Free with a Lot of Help from E-Cigarettes

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england going smoke-free with e-cigarettes help

A growing number of countries are aiming to stub out for good.

England is planning to be a cigarette-free country in the next 10 years, the latest country to launch a plan to try to get people off cigarettes and leading healthier and more productive lives. Among the ways it's aiming to reach this ambitious goal is to urge smokers to switch to vaping instead. 

England is already at the forefront of scientific and medical research into vaping, which in recent years has found using e-cigarettes poses almost no health risks compared to smoking cigarettes. This has prompted the NHS and other bodies, including Cancer Research UK, to advise people who are unable to stop smoking to turn to vaping as an alternative. And, according to the results of more recent research, e-cigarettes are now the most effective way to quit tobacco, including over more traditional cessation methods such as nicotine patches and gums. 

Smoking levels have been on the decline in the UK for the last number of years, perhaps as more people become aware of the severe health risks associated with the habit — smoking claims around 78,000 lives in the UK every year — and as others use e-cigarettes instead (there are currently around 3.2 million vapers, or people who vape, across the UK). But some 7.2 million people out of Britain’s 66 million population still light up regularly, presenting an enormous challenge to the authorities in their stop-smoking drive. 

How Will England Go Smoke-Free?

The government has set the date of 2030 for when the country will be mostly free of cigarette smoke. Clearly, it's not possible to stop everyone from smoking, as there will be those who will not want to give up, for whatever reason, but for the majority, the aim is to have them going without smoking cigarettes — the goal is 5% or less who remain smokers. 

This, it is hoped, will dramatically improve the lives of British people and their overall wellbeing. It's known, for instance, that men and women endure ill health for more than a fifth of their lives, which works out as 19 years for women and 16 for men. So how is the government going to do it? 

By using a combination of support, encouragement and advice; that’s how. Under the current plan, which is now undergoing a period of consultation, it's envisioned that smokers who are hospitalised due to conditions or diseases caused by their habit will be offered direct and immediate assistance to help them to stop smoking. This could include suggesting that they switch to using e-cigarettes instead — something the NHS has been advising during its annual Stoptober campaign for two years now.

Vaping as the Ultimate Stop-Smoking Method

Why has vaping become the most effective way of quitting cigarettes? Because smokers get the nicotine they're after, and in varying levels, but none of the many harmful chemicals given off by burning tobacco, at least 70 of which are known to cause cancer in the human body. Now, smokers can get the best e cig in the UK that's right for them, either at an online vape store or on the high street, and vape away without ever wanting to pick up another tobacco cigarette. 

The plans under consideration for England to become a smoke-free place in the next decade also include developing guidance on the amount of sleep people should get each night for optimal health, and encouraging people to walk more or cycle to their destinations, instead of taking the car or public transport everywhere. The government is also considering doubling the amount of funding spent on preventing diabetes so that those who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes can avoid the debilitating disease.

Other countries aiming to stub out cigarettes for good in the coming years include New Zealand and Sweden, and if England's plans come to fruition, it may well have e-cigarettes to thank. 

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