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From Iceland to Japan: How Attitudes Towards Vaping Vary in 10 Popular Holiday Destinations

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It’s officially holiday season; you’ll likely hear some co-workers and friends bragging about the great places they are heading to. Sure, a trip to Southend-on-Sea might be fun for some, but if you’re heading a little further afield you may be wondering how the locals are going to react to you vaping while exploring. Fear not, we’ll do our best to fill you in!On a serious note, vaping is illegal in several countries and you could face jail time if you do. For a list of countries where vaping is categorically not allowed, click here.Disclaimer: the information presented in this article should be taken with a pinch of salt - within a population there are widely varying views on any topic. The information below is based on research, laws and personal accounts, but may not accurately reflect the general consensus. Now that’s been covered...First, let’s start with Europe.


Smoking is still relatively prevalent in France, with France’s Health Ministry estimating that around 20% of the population are likely still considered to be smokers. That said, this number is dropping at an incredible rate, with around 1 million people dropping the habit between 2016 and 2017.
Infographic showing attitude towards vaping in France
E-cigarettes are becoming more of a common sight, so it’s very likely the locals will know what you are doing. You shouldn’t expect any funny looks here. Bear in mind, vaping in public spaces like train stations is a no-no, much like the UK.


Vaping is on the rise in Spain, but the rules on where you can do so are a little stricter. If you’re out in public, double check that vaping (and smoking, the two are subject to the same laws) is allowed. If not, you may get a discerning look or even a hefty fine.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in Spain
A survey conducted in Spain found that a small number of people were chastised for vaping - but don’t worry too much. Over 50% of those surveyed said their habit was met with curiosity, rather than hostility. Check out this Reddit post for an experience a vaper had while in a restaurant (spoiler: the locals liked the strawberry cheesecake flavour).

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a vaping culture a lot like the UK; in most major cities you’ll find vape shops to stock up on liquid, kits and refills. (Or you could always shop with us before you go!).
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in the Netherlands
Generally, the public is familiar with vaping and you shouldn’t attract much attention at all. As above, avoid vaping in enclosed public spaces like bars and restaurants, just to be sure.


In mainland Greece there are plenty of vape shops, indicating that generally, you shouldn’t have any problems. The Greek islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu) are less likely to have any, but as popular tourist destinations, the locals are likely used to dealing with worse than a bit of e-cigarette vapour.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in the Greece
In fact, the European Parliament is expressing concern over the sheer number of tourists frequenting the picturesque isles. If you’re heading there, be respectful - vape or no vape!


The Northern Lights, hot springs and volcanoes - Iceland has a lot to offer. Interestingly, as a country, Iceland is relatively pro-vaping. They’re the first country to implement specific vaping laws that are fairly consumer friendly.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in Iceland
The law passed means advertising is permitted and restaurants and small businesses are free to choose whether customers are allowed to vape or not. If you’re really into vaping, Iceland is a great place to be!


Turkey is a unique case study, in that vaping is legal, but the sale of vaping hardware and e-liquid is banned. You shouldn’t get into any trouble, but the industry isn’t big there; you may be subject to a curious glance or a questioning look.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in Turkey
This blog post from a Turkish vape shop mentions there is some prejudice towards vaping, so be conservative where possible - a pod mod would be ideal! If you’re heading to Turkey it’s probably best to prepare by bringing a personal supply of e-liquid or refills to ensure you don’t run out. If you do, you’ll be a bit stuck.Now we’ve covered the popular holiday hot-spots in Europe, let’s explore a few global destinations.


The e-cigarette industry is huge in the USA. There is estimated to be over 9 million e-cigarette users in the States, making it the global leader in terms of sheer numbers.  If you’re heading over the pond it’s unlikely anyone will double take if you’re vaping. Laws and restrictions tend to vary on a state-by-state basis - to find out more, click here.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in the USA
If you’re over in the States, great news - we have a US branch that sells all your vaping supplies at the most competitive prices.


Japan has been shown to be the 2nd biggest vaping market in the world. That said, the vaping culture is a little unusual and there are several unique rules in place. First and foremost, buying nicotine e-liquid is illegal - you’ll need to bring your own (nicotine free e-liquid is sold in shops, however). Secondly, the laws surrounding public vaping aren’t cut and dried; while vaping is banned in several establishments, it’s allowed in many restaurants and cafés and shops.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in Japan
Check out this blog post by Veronika, a former vape shop employee in Tokyo. She explains that “you may be asked to put your vape away in some establishments… if your device makes big clouds, since it is considered a bother to other customers.”  While out and about is totally fine, “you might get some icy stares if you do it, especially from the older generations.”


Mexico is similar to Turkey: technically you’re allowed to vape, but legally shops cannot sell vaping supplies. There are a few cases of tourists having their device confiscated at customs, so it’s best to err on the side of caution, but these are few and far between.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in Mexico
There is a vaping culture in Mexico (likely as it borders the United States) so you’re unlikely to get any stern looks or telling-offs, but bear in mind the further you stray from large cities the less likely people are to be familiar with the concept.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai is becoming a popular holiday destination, and fortunately, new legislation as of April 2019 means e-cigarettes are now legal! That said, be aware that vaping in places that are not authorised could land you a fine. This includes shops, universities, places of worship and public transport.
Infographic showing opinion on vaping in the UAE
The restrictions are still strict, but if you’re travelling to Dubai this summer you’ll be one of the first to vape freely and legally. We expect that vaping could really take off in the UAE, so within a few years it’s likely to be embraced as it has been in the UK and the USA (for the most part).That’s a wrap on our list - wherever you’re headed, have a great trip!

Countries where vaping is banned:


Vaping is heavily restricted in the following countries - if you’re heading there, do your research to ensure you aren’t caught out:

Hong Kong