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Some Hearty News for E-Cigs with “Healthier Ticker” for Smokers Who Vape

Kicking the smoking habit is hard to do, but it’s far easier with vape pens and other vape gear — and now a new benefit is revealed. 

There's more good news for smokers who switch to vaping — and yet again it's coming out of Britain, and not the United States, which has descended into something of an official bullying match to try and ban vaping products and even vaping itself. Meanwhile, deadly cigarettes remain on sale and not a word is said. 

This time it's the turn of researchers at the University of Dundee in Scotland, who have found that smokers' hearts undergo a rapid health transformation within weeks of giving up smoking and using e-cigarettes instead — in women more so than men. These findings, they claim, will help to cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes occurring, as smokers have up to a fourfold risk of having either or both of the debilitating, and sometimes fatal, events.

By contrast, every cigarette smoked is damaging to the human body and the activity is the largest single cause of preventable deaths in the UK and right around the world. Around 80,000 people lose their lives to their cigarette habit every year in England alone, the NHS says, adding that "[o]ne in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease." Using a vape pen or any other type of e-cigarette is practically harmless in comparison, the health service says, and for the last couple of years, it has been urging smokers to vape, during its annual Stoptober campaign.

How Was the Smoking-Vaping Study Conducted?

Researchers at the University’s School of Medicine selected 114 smokers for their study into the effects of switching to vaping, to see if there were any health benefits. They monitored the participants for a month after they stopped smoking and started using e-cigarettes such as vape pens. In particular, they examined the flow of blood through veins and arteries to see if there was any improvement in their vascular health.

Tobacco smoke and all the many toxins it contains damages the lining of arteries and causes fatty materials to build up in them, potentially leading to a heart attack or stroke as flow becomes diminished and vital organs suffer. Smokers also get less oxygen than non-smokers because the carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke prevents red blood cells from getting enough of the vital element. As a result, the heart is under more pressure from pumping harder to keep the body supplied with as much oxygen as possible. 

Exacerbating this woeful health situation, even more, is the fact smokers' blood is more likely to clot and their bodies produce more adrenaline than non-smokers, due to the nicotine content, which makes the heart beat even faster. The study wanted to see if any of these conditions quickly reversed if smokers vaped instead. 

“Clear Evidence” That Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

The results of the trial found smokers who had newly quit and were vaping instead experienced a dramatic improvement in their vascular health, compared to when they were smoking. Healthy blood vessels expand and are not rigid or clogged, and were given a vascular health score of 7.7% — a level typically found in people who don't smoke. 

Smokers, on the other hand, usually have a score of 5.5%. However, the group under the microscope, found that after vaping for a month, they had improved their vascular health to 6.7%.

"They're not quite normal, but their vascular function improved quite significantly, just within a month," said one of the researchers, Professor Jacob George. Based on the study results, he added: "We now have clear evidence they're less harmful than tobacco cigarettes."

He said more research was needed to find out why women's heart health benefitted more than men’s when they stopped smoking and started vaping.

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