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Is No Nicotine Vaping Bad for You?

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Vapes may contain nicotine, or just flavours, but is no nicotine vaping bad for you?

Many people switch to e-cigarettes to stop smoking and become healthier, as well as saving themselves a small fortune as costs of cigarettes continue to rise due to government taxation. E-cigarettes and the e-liquid they contain may have different levels of nicotine, but they can also have none — just flavourings (alongside the PG and VG that also make up e-liquid). What many people who start using e-cigarettes and other vaping devices want to know, however, is: Is no nicotine vaping bad for you? Is it harmful to vape without this substance, which is addictive but not especially harmful, or is it safe to just go ahead and vape the flavours you like and nothing else? After all, many smokers who have finally managed to kick their unhealthy smoking habit, by turning to e-cigarettes instead, go on to wean themselves off nicotine entirely. This can be achieved by gradually lowering the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid or refills, until you get to the point where the nicotine level is low and you find you don't really need it after all. But you might also still like the experience of vaping, as well as tasting all the exciting flavours. Can you go on doing this without the nicotine and still be OK? Applying liquid with nicotine in the coils on the RDA

What's Left if There’s No Nicotine?

E-liquid that doesn't contain any nicotine has ingredients that give it a flavour and is generally mixed in a solution that's a combination of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). No-one wants to vape just water, after all. Both of these are colourless and odourless liquids, and when they're heated by your e-cigarette's battery, they produce vapour that's then inhaled. Neither PG or VG is known to be harmful to human health, and it's worth bearing in mind that they're not just in e-liquids but all sorts of foods and drinks that we regularly consume. These include everything from food flavourings like vanilla and almond extracts or essences to processed foods, sweets and more. They’re also used in cosmetics and medical products and are certainly permitted by the health authorities. Additionally, Propylene Glycol is found in everyday items around the house: toothpaste and other oral health products, topical solutions, pet food and baby wipes. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration deems the substance as "generally recognised as safe" for people to use.  

Answered: Is No Nicotine Vaping Bad for You?

Whether they contain nicotine or not, e-liquid contains these ingredients. Let's not forget, either, that there's a growing body of scientific evidence showing that, on the whole, vaping poses almost no risks to human health, especially compared to the severe health risks associated with smoking. We also need to bear in mind that smoking kills about 7 million people around the world each year and that, so far, no-one has been known to suffer any negative health effects from vaping. Indeed, if using an e-cigarette helps to get a smoker off cigarettes for good, that’s an amazing achievement. If you’ve never smoked but are vaping without nicotine — just for the great flavours — you don’t need to worry that you’ll be somehow lured into taking up smoking. Public Health England says that, according to its research, there's little chance of that happening. The health authority stated: "the evidence does not support the concern that e-cigarettes are a route into smoking among young people (youth smoking rates in the UK continue to decline, regular use is rare and is almost entirely confined to those who have smoked)".   Whether you want to vape with or without nicotine, Electric Tobacconist's great online vape store has everything you need. Explore our complete range of e-liquids now and you'll find amazing flavours at great prices — and free UK delivery on orders over £10.