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Is Technology Moving Too Fast for First-Time Vapers?

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Guest blog brought to you by OK Ecigs As the vaping community continues to fight the fight against regulators and politicians around the world, there is growing concern that perhaps technology is moving too fast for first-time users. Let's not forget that the vaping industry was seen as a niche market at the turn-of-the-century and only 15 years later we are now on the verge of fourth-generation vaping devices. Is there now a need to educate first-time vapers as to what is available and what might best suit their requirements? First-generation devices First Generation Ecigs The so-called "cigalike" electronic cigarette devices in effect opened the door to the vaping community for those looking to switch from tobacco products. They offer the same physical attributes as a tobacco cigarette, the same action to use them while avoiding the 4000+ toxins present in a modern-day tobacco cigarette. These devices come in disposable and rechargeable form and while we may be moving towards fourth-generation vaping devices, the first-generation products are still extremely popular. Second-generation devices 2nd Generation Ecigs While many former tobacco cigarette smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes like the idea of a product which mimics a tobacco cigarette, others prefer something totally different. This movement in the marketplace led to the creation of second-generation devices which are effectively a battery and a clearomiser (which also contains a heating element) allowing different types of e liquid to be used. These particular products come in all shapes and sizes although the vast majority are clear so you can see the level of e liquid available. The standard second-generation vaping products are slightly larger than the first-generation "cigalikes" although they can fit easily into a pocket or bag. The vast majority of the vapers will probably remain on the second-generation devices in the longer term but some more experienced vapers have been looking towards third generation products. Third generation devices Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 07.10.13 In some ways third generation vaping devices have taken one step forward and two steps back with regards to their make-up and internal circuitry. They come in two specific styles which are mechanical mods and variable voltage products. The mechanical mods offer a large e liquid chamber often with enormous capacity enabling the creation of those infamous vape clouds which often obscure the user. The main difference between the mechanical mods and variable voltage products is that the batteries need to be detached completely to be replaced or recharged. Mechanical mods do what they say on the tin, they have no complicated circuitry and limited safety features. The variable voltage vaping device is a relatively new introduction to the marketplace offering the ability to vary the volts or watts which are fed into the heating coil. This allows users to control the amount of vape created to fit their own personal requirements. The variable voltage products also allow the batteries to be recharged without detaching from the main body of the product. In many ways third generation devices are more suitable for experienced vapers and slowly but surely users are moving from second-generation products. Conclusion While third generation products are now more commonplace than ever, and many manufacturers are now moving towards fourth-generation products, there is a growing need to educate the new vaping community about what is available. The vast majority of users will likely upgrade to second-generation products and remain there for the foreseeable future although we will probably see an array of new and exciting products and services emerging in 2015 and beyond. Whether the jump from first generation to third generation vaping products is too much for those new to the industry is certainly an interesting discussion subject.