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Is the Box Mod here to stay?

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It started as a fad. Something the trendy hipsters started using as an alternative to the more mainstream pen-style e-cigarette, but the box mod seems to have hung around a lot longer than many expected it to. Pen-style vapourizers are still used by largest proportion of the vaping market, but a major shift appears to be occurring whereby the box mod is becoming known not just for its interesting shape, but for its vastly superior performance. These factors combined suggest that the box mod could become the vaping device of choice for the mainstream as well as the trend-setting few. What is a Box Mod? It's a square-shaped e-cigarette that has a clearomizer attached to the top. Initially they were fist-sized, but have become slightly smaller recently. They usually require an external battery, but the power output and vapour they produce is so much higher than any other offerings that in many ways a serious vaping enthusiast cannot be taken seriously without one. Like a biker gang wouldn't accept somebody on a Vespa, you can no longer use a pen-style ecig if you want to come across as trendy vaper! What about the mainstream? At the moment, none of this matters as the Box Mod is yet to break out of its niche following, so if you're reading this whilst puffing on a variable voltage pen-style kit, worry not, you're still more advanced than the majority, but we at The Electric Tobacconist® are starting to notice yet another change of direction, and it's yet to be seen if it will be as drastic as the 'cigalikes to vapourizers' change we saw in 2014 whereby seemingly overnight vapers ditched anything that looked like a cigarette in favour of liquids and tanks. What's the most popular Box Mod? kangertech-subox-e-cigarette This is the interesting point. Up until now, no single e-cigarette has dominated. The vaping industry is yet to have its 'Apple iPhone' moment, but surely this is around the corner? This month, Kangertech launched the ever-so-slick Kanger Subox and early signs show this has as good a chance as any of becoming the iPhone of the vaping industry. Even non-vapers are impressed with its looks, which is often a sign that it will be accepted by the masses, but it's early days. Perhaps the industry isn't ready to settle. Perhaps it's enjoying its youth and popularity to settle down any time soon...just like Harry Styles. Ok, I'll quit with the analogies now... So are they here to stay? Probably. The box mod appears to represent a change in mentality. When you start using a box mod you cease to become an ex-smoker, you are now a vaper. It's a whole new topic of conversation but they really are better. The screen readouts offer a wealth of information about the performance of your ecig, they bring out the best in e-liquids, they last longer, they look better...they're the future! Lenny Stubbs Electric Tobacconist