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Your Guide to JUUL Pods and How Long They Last

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Your Guide to JUUL Pods and How Long They Last

JUUL pods are simple and easy to use — but knowing how long they last means you’ll never run out.

JUUL is one of the world's most popular e-cigarettes, and its popularity lies in its sleek design, which resembles nothing like a traditional e-cig, and that it delivers a superior vaping experience. The California-based startup, which is now valued at around $38 billion due to a series of investments that includes billions from Marlboro cigarette maker Altria, was founded by two men who were smokers and couldn't find any vape gear that gave them satisfaction. So they came up with their own. 

Adam Bowen and James Monsees have a background in product design and used their knowledge to create what would eventually become the JUUL devices we know today. They've been compared to a slightly elongated USB stick, and this has attracted legions of fans, who can easily carry the device with them and vape discreetly whenever they feel like it. But it wasn't all about the design. 

"As smokers, they knew a true alternative to cigarettes would have to offer a nicotine level found in no other alternative on the market. The result was JUUL," the company says of its founders and drive to bring about an evolved e-cigarette that smokers would truly enjoy and use without being tempted to pick up tobacco cigarettes and start smoking all over again. The key was to deliver the amount of nicotine smokers wanted, so they would be satisfied, and it's contained, along with various flavours, in little pods that attach to the device. So how long do JUUL pods last? We'll get to that in a minute. 

What Makes JUUL So Different?

Apart from the look, JUUL devices are notable in the vaping community for their use of nicotine salts. This is a type of base in the manufacturing of e-liquid that allows for a greater concentration of nicotine and a smoother vaping experience, doing away with the so-called and harsh throat hit that can sometimes occur with vaping and reduce vapers' enjoyment of their e-cigarette. 

Other than nicotine salts, vape juice is usually made from vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol — in varying amounts and each with its own characteristics — and some kinds of vape gear may be designed for their use, while others may be more suited to nic salts, as this base is also known. As the JUUL founders conceived their vape for smokers to transition to vaping and get off tobacco, they knew it was crucial to provide a high level of nicotine in their JUUL pods so that they'd be satisfied and never go back to smoking. 

How Long Do JUUL Pods Last?

Last year, JUUL arrived in the UK, but before that, you'd have to go to the US to get them. After raising billions of dollars in investment, the company is in the midst of a substantial expansion plan that's seeing the devices become available in more countries around the world. Now, we get to the question of "How long do JUUL pods last", so you can pace yourself and never be caught on the hop with no e-liquid in your device.

The simple answer to how long JUUL pods last is "200 puffs". That's according to JUUL, which also advises that "individual vaping patterns may vary" — no two people are going to vape the same way or as frequently, for instance. Here at Electric Tobacconist, we advise that because of the concentration of nicotine in JUUL pods — which is lower in the UK than the US due to regulations from the European Union — you don't vape non-stop. 

That’s because sometimes, and especially with those new to vaping, there can be a temptation to puff away just because you have your vape gear in your pocket all the time. This could mean you're getting too much nicotine in too short a time and it could make you feel unwell. Taking it slow with your JUUL is definitely the way to go, and you can always keep a few spare JUUL pods around, just in case you run out.