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My Vaping Journey with Innokin...Six Months On

Six months ago, Neetan in London told us about his 'Vaping Journey'. At the time, he was using an Innokin iClear VV V3 with the Innokin iClear 16 clearomizer. We caught up with him to find out where he is now at with his vaping. Hi Neetan, what other products or brands have you tried since we last heard from you? I am using the iclear30s which is a bigger tank. It gives a better throat hit. But I must say the Protank 2 is also a brilliant tank, no leaks at all and easier and cheaper to maintain. Since starting, what have you learnt about vaping that you may want to pass onto a new user? I have learnt that wicks can be recycled, by cleaning them thoroughly with hot water, and then leaving them to dry over night. I have also learnt how to dry vape the wicks, this then cleans all the gunk build up thus prolonging the life of the wicks. What products are you using now? And which brand? I am using both the iclear30s and the protank 2, they by far the best, however I am looking to use the Aspire ETS-BDC glassomizser, it looks real interesting design. Have you had any cigarettes since we last heard from you? I have had about five cigarettes and not even finished them, thrown them away. I hate the smell, hate the taste. Vaping is the way to go, I feel healthier, my kids don’t say “daddy you smell funny” and the best part my wife is happy. Please tell us about how vaping may or may not have affected your life in the last 6 months... The best part is the taste of my food has changed dramatically, I’m not grumpy anymore, and yes the financial part of it is almost next to none. Using e-liquid has changed my life completely and vaping has helped me give up smoking for good, a non-smoker for 13 months and counting Finally, how do you find the service you get from The Electric Tobacconist? The products are brilliant, delivery is super fast and I mean super fast. Service is outstanding. When I first started the team helped me and gave me guidance when needed. Do not be tempted to use other e-liquids from other sites, you will be disappointed. Products are top quality with ET. Very happy customer