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My Vaping Journey with... Vapestick

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Every fortnight we run a 'guest blog' feature about the 'Vaping Journey' of one of our customers. This feature is about the Vapestick and it comes from Paula T. White in London... Backing to early 90s, when I was a teen, people used to see cigarettes as an elegant accessory. I started to smoke as a bet from school colleagues who said I couldn't. From that day, I started to buy cigarette cartons secretly. At first it was a carton per week, then two, three... by the time I went to uni I was already on at least one pack a day. After, I always had an excuses not to do normal things. I'd stay with my parents or go to closed places - I thought I would die if I wasn't having the next cigarette. First time I felt really bad really was when I was pregnant and smoking about 20 cigs a day... I used to live in a big house just outside of London, with a baby indoors. I always had a garden to have my minute with my best friend - the cig! Moving back to central London, I didn't have a garden anymore, just walls inside a very little flat. I definitely could not smoke inside the property having a small boy. He didn't need be a smoker (not yet), so in May 2012 seeing my panic, my partner started to buy e-cigs on the local pharmacies trying to help me out. I tried a few brands. I started getting them from Poundland and also found some nice, expensive ones that I got in US. I think have tried about 80% of the brands available in the UK. One day, we were to a big supermarket and saw a rechargeable starter kit from Vapestick, but I resisted as I didn't wanted the headache of having one more thing to remember to charge, but when I saw the price I was very tempted. The whole kit with refills was the same price of the disposable Vapestick I had been buying. So I decided to try it. vapestick-xl-starter-kit-ecig After trying the starter pack, I decided to stick to it as I very much liked it. I was often getting the refills from the same big supermarket I got my starter kit from. One day, they didn't have any. Or the next day. Then, I decided to google where else i could buy the refills. The Electric Tobacconist was the very first on the list and I opened the website to have a look. It was very pleasant, well presented, very professional-looking and best of all had very good prices! (at least better than the supermarket I had been using). Vaping has changed my life massively. Firstly, the amount of money that I now spend is nothing if I compare how much I used to pay for my Marlboros. I don't stink anymore, I am healthier and happier. Generally, i have more energy to do normal tasks. I sleep better, don't have migraines any more and can speak at closer proximity to people without being afraid to have that disgraceful smell coming out my mouth! It;s been over two years now and I barely remember being a smoker! I just love my Vapestick! I always recommend The Electric Tobacconist & Vapestick. It's an electric combination!