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My Vaping Journey with Vapestick... Nine Months On

Nine months ago, Paula T from London told us about her ‘Vaping Journey’. At the time, she was using Vapestick E-Cigarettes. We caught up with her to find out where she is now with her vaping. Hi Paula, What other products/brands have you tried since we last heard from you? A few months ago, after using Vapestick for a while, I tried VIP which I also purchased from The Electric Tobacconist. Funnily enough, I think VIP tasted much more like a cigarette but after one day, I back to Vapestick. Size-wise, VIP is much smaller and maybe because I have big hands was a quite hard to hold it. Taste-wise, Vapestick is lighter and smells more pleasant, in my opinion. What have you learnt about vaping that you may want to pass onto a new user? It's much better than classic smocking... and healthier! To begin with, it is cheaper. It doesn’t leave you with that ‘concrete’ smell that cigarettes leave you with, and I feel clean. The smell of my clothes, my hair, my house is much better. Also, I am a mother to a baby boy who does not deserve to have smoke around him! Nine months on, which products are you using? And which brand? Vapestick. Only. I use the original cartomizer refill, but sometimes just for variation I like to have the menthol refills. Have you had any cigarettes since we last heard from you? Never. I can’t cope with the smell anymore. Please tell us about how vaping may or may not have affected your life in the last 6-7 months. Since I stopped smoking, I can go anywhere. Not just because the e-cigarettes are more acceptable, but I can be vaping around a non-smoker with none of the restrictions there would be if I had a normal cigarette in my hand. I am not afraid to be close to other people like I used to be. I used to fear them thinking I was 'the girl who carried a bad smell!' When I to use Vapestick, it was excellent. Financially, without a doubt, I spend much less than I used to spend on my Marlboros. I feel much more active as well! I wasted my youth smoking, now I am rescuing it! You’re still using the Electric Tobacconist, right?! Over a year and I still here. I guess it is the best description. The service is excellent. I place my orders usually by lunch time and without fail the next day it is in my hands. The team always give me full attention and always go that extra mile to make me happy. (and I must admit I am a pain as a customer!) Whenever I have seen a better offer the ET team has always done their best to match or beat it and I always get a prompt response to my email enquiries. They're perfect from top to toe! I wish all the British companies would learn these precious lessons from The Electric Tobacconist – how to operate as a company, and how to treat a customer. It's the best customer service I know. Thank you for the fantastic service, attention and care!