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Robin S' Vaping Journey with Vapouriz...Eight Months On

Six months ago, Robin S from Devon told us about his ‘Vaping Journey’. At the time, he was using a Vapouriz Evo E-Cigarette. We caught up with him to find out where he is now at with his vaping. What other products/brands have you tried since we last heard from you? I fiorst of all move onto the the Vapouriz eGo Tank Kit, but I'm now using the MVP 2.0 and the VV 3.0 (both by Innokin) with an Aspire Nautilus Mini clearomizer with BVC coils, as well as an Aero Tank Mini with BDC coils. I also use an Eleaf iStick. All of these I would highly recommend. What have you learnt about vaping that you may want to pass onto a new user? I have learnt a lot from vaping. My advice to new users is the following: 1. get a variable voltage/wattage device so you can adjust the power to your own personal taste. 2. I would recommend getting a glass tank as they last longer (if you don’t drop them). 3. Try different flavour e-juices you may be surprised how good some of them are. 4. Stay away from cheap or non-EU/UK/USA e-juice. 5. When you decide you’re ready to switch fully to vaping, buy a good quality battery and tank and always keep a backup battery, tank and you always have spare coils with you. Have you had any cigarettes since we last heard from you? In the last 6 months I’ve had two cigarettes. One was near the beginning due to stress and the one about two months in (just to see if I missed smoking), and both times they tasted horrible. After the second time I decided I would never go back smoking I really don’t miss it at all. Please tell us about how vaping may or may not have affected your life in the last 6-7 months Vaping has been one of the best choices I have made in my life. When I smoked I had no plans to quit as I enjoyed it too much but I could feel my health getting worse so I gave vaping ago. It took me awhile to get the hang of it but I stuck with it now I get the same satisfaction I did from smoking. It did cost me a lot of money when I started trying to find the right setup that worked for me (still less than I spent on cigs though). Now ive got my perfect setup I spend around £50 a month. My health is so much better I don’t cough for 15 mins in morning and don’t get out of breath walking to shops I feel healthier today than I did 5 years ago and my energy levels are a lot higher now I do honestly think vaping has saved my life and would recommend it to anyone trying to quit smoking. You’re still using the Electric Tobacconist, right?! How’s our service? I still use Electric Tobacconist. Their service is first class. I definitely recommend them to people starting out.