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My Vaping Journey with... Vype

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Every fortnight we run a 'guest blog' feature about the 'Vaping Journey' of one of our customers.
This feature is about the Vype e-cigarette and it comes from Mark Russon in Middlesborough...

I started smoking at the age of 16 socially and amongst friends. When I first started, a pack of 10 would last me three days and were used mainly for night clubs and pubs and enjoying with a drink. As the years went by, I developed a more serious and needy addiction and by the end I was smoking 40 a day. I enjoyed smoking mainly in the evening at night and would have three to four per hour until bedtime. Smoking allowed me to have five minutes to myself, and as time went by I enjoyed this time more and more tried to fit cigarettes in to everything I did. I would often avoid places or moments which meant I was unable to smoke for more than two hours at any given time. I also figured being young I needn’t worry about the health risks and side-effects as I had plenty of time to put that right.

I first discovered ecigs when they came out 12-18 months ago and everyone celebrating being able to 'smoke' indoors once again. I saw them used with the media by celebrities and did a bit research on them. I looked at many reviews from people who were using them and as I didn’t smoke indoors, even in my own house. I originally felt I had no need to buy them, but around seven months ago my friend bought me a Vype Reload Starter Kit and basically bugged me until I decided to try it.
On the first of January 2014 I decided to try my Vype ecig instead of smoking to see if it was going to be as pointless as I thought. After opening the packaging of the ecig and putting the device together I took in my first vapour and awaited the normal reaction of "this is nothing like smoking". But instead what I discovered firstly was the slight kick in the back of my throat, secondly the almost identical ease in which the vapour form the ecig was drawn and swallowed as a normal cigarette would. This made for a surprising first experience.
The softness of the Vype cartridge (filter) along with the weight of the device made it more realistic and similar to my normal habit. My real praise for the Vype ecig and the reason I have continued to this day is the smoke that is produced. I have tried many vapour cigarettes and still the Vype is the most realistic in terms of normal cigarette smoke in the amount it produces and the way it disperses.

I discovered The Electric Tobacconist on Google after wanting to find new cartridges for my Vype ecig. They were 3rd on the list of site and straight away the name told me all they would deliver and I thought I would have a look. After clicking on the link I was impressed to see the opening page with the professionally set background and quickly decided to search for what I was looking for. After finding Vype Reload cartridges I also discovered a some other brands and due to being on special offer decided to buy another starter kit. I like it simply because it does as it says. It provides me with all the major brands and all of the things I need in which to make ecigs both cheap and easy to use. The delivery of the product is fantastic, and another great feature is you don’t get hundreds of emails asking you to reorder, you’re easily guided through the site, recommended similar products that may be of some use and thanked for your purchase.

Vaping is better than smoking as it's cheaper, healthier, easier, and frankly less smelly. It’s also much easier to just charge the ecig when needed as opposed to having to go to the shop and spend more money. Since vaping my life really has changed. I don’t wish to sound like an American cheerleader but the difference is brilliant. Since vaping I have saved a small fortune, I have become more energised; I smell and look much better. I can now play football to a much higher level and I no longer need to go outside when it’s raining to satisfy my habit. My taste buds have come back, I can get up in the morning and feel rested and ready for whatever the day holds.
Alongside using Vype I also use a standard VIP ecig for when I’m out and about. The reason for this is the VIP lasts much longer due to a bigger battery and is much more robust than the Vype. It’s also economically a little better, but it is not as enjoyable or as realistic as the Vype.

If you'd like to tell us your 'Vaping Journey' please email us at help@electrictobacconist.co.uk and we'll show you how...