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My Vaping Journey with Vype...Six Months On

Six months ago, Mark Russon from Middlesborough told us about his 'Vaping Journey'. At the time, he was using a Vype Reload e-cigarette. We caught up with him to find out where he is now at with his vaping. Hi Mark, what other products/brands have you tried since we last heard from you? I have tried using e-liquid with an Innokin iClear 16. I have also used other cheaper versions, but in my experience they break very quickly. What have you learnt about vaping that you may want to pass onto a new user? I find that vaping helps dramatically when it comes to trying to quit smoking. It also has the benefit of being cheaper, more sociable and a better smell! I would encourage all smokers struggling to quit to take this option. Which products are you using now? And which brand? I am using an Innokin iClear VV V3 with strengths of e-liquid. I on a lower strength of e-liquid and have started to use my e-Cig much less than I did originally. I try to use it sparingly, only as a means to rid myself of the urge to smoke. Have you had any cigarettes since we last heard from you? No. Please tell us about how vaping may or may not have affected your life in the last 6-7 months. Vaping has had a huge impact on my life. Since beginning with the Vype I have not had one cigarette. Financially I am much better off, to the tune of about £460. I have also gained the my sense of smell and taste back to what they were before I took up smoking and sleep far better and feel much more relaxed and motivated since vaping e-ciugarettes. You’re still using the Electric Tobacconist, right?! How’s our service? Yes I use the company for replacement coils and batteries as they are very reliable and they work unlike others from other companies. The service is very good and the discount offers I sometimes get within the parcels are a real plus!